Thursday, April 16, 2015

Northside Ballers Elite win 2nd #Hoopfest NCAA

This is basically the Oak Ridge squad with seven players from that school and it's also mainly a 2018 team with the exception 2017 Emperis Pryor who showed me two things, she was very athletic and could shoot the three, well she showed me more but so did many of the others. Rayven Peeples showed me a whole lot and not only is she athletic, she's 6'2 and athletic and has a huge upside but she's getting it down in the paint right now, on both ends. Kylar Wilson and Ah'Jaya Johnson were both physical down low and the combination of players that the Ballers had worked well together over the weekend

Tara Eubank knows how to create her shot in tight situations, she's also a capable scorer and showed that while Jasmine Handy was definitely handy at seeing the floor and creating for her teammates. I saw the squad on championship Sunday only but I liked what I saw especially from Sierra Brashers and Yazmine Kellough because their energy level is so high that it helped cause defensive nightmares  but the upside throughout this team coupled with their youth has me energized as I anticipate the next sighting