Monday, December 18, 2017

Video highlights from 2017 PassThaBall #HoopAHolics

There's nothing like seeing young talented players coming up and although I only caught glimpses of Florida State vs Texas yesterday, two of their biggest stars were called can't misses and I even gave them nicknames before they even played middle school basketball. Florida State's AJ Alix (The Real Deal) and Texas' Brooke McCarty ( The Chosen One) and although the nickname I gave my own daughter, Daddy's Baby, had nothing to do with her showing great hands and reflexes slapping the  nurse after she slapped her wrist to get blood the day she was born but I knew things would fall into place

As you can see from the picture, there were plenty of players and let me through an amendment that there were plenty of VERY TALENTED PLAYERS so later today, I'm dropping a huge Tip Sheet but here's a TIP, everyone in attendance got evaluated and will be on Twitter so you can follow me and check that out @girlzprepreport  while the Tip Sheet itself will be on but check out some f the highlights below from the "Mixed Tape Queen" herself and stay tuned

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

2022 Iyanna McCown on fire over the weekend #GPRUnderTheRadar

Sometimes I'm just in the right place at the right time and when I first caught Iyanna McCown she was only in the 4th grade and she definitely left a lasting impression. I've seen the talented 2020 player in numerous setting and yes she has attended the PassThaBall HoopAHolics camp however over the weekend, she was doing a little something different, helping lead her MS squad to the championship game, in which they won, as she averaged over 17 ppg in the 3 games including the game winner

Monday, December 11, 2017

2021 Raven Adams proving me RIGHT AGAIN #GPRUnderTheRadar

What better way than to close out a trip from the Dallas area covering PassThaBall's #HoopAHolics than talk about one of it's previous stars who's already impressing coaches at the next level. Raven Adams caught my eye even before HoopAHolics , I guess the 4th or 5th grade and I generally knack for observing young talent , well I ain't been wrong yet, and let me say this, with Adams, te streak continues as the Ridgepoint HS freshman is starting her HS career off with a bang, so lets take a peek

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Cy Ranch wins 2017 Katy Phillips 66 Tournament

Cy Ranch has and continues to be one of the areas top teams and the started off being ranked the #2 in the state by TABC however I knew they lost a lot, I knew there would be a different look and I also knew that other teams were pretty good as well and the main thing is you had to be the best team on the floor that particular game and keep in mind the Mustangs have already lost a couple of game this season, one to defending state champion Duncanville in the Texas Invitational and one to Katy a couple of weeks ago, I don't think there's a deeper team in the Houston area and they would have to be the favorites on paper but trust me, this is the widest open I have ever seen the region and as many as twelve could conceivably get hot at the right time and make a run

When you talk about getting hot at the right time, you got plenty go to players, Jayla Buster signed with South Alabama, she brings so much heat on both ends and she just came off an All Tournament performance in that Texas Invitational event plus the inside performance from Kween Jean just keeps getting better but those two seniors along with fellow senior Mariah Thomas understand what it will take to back to state and if anyone truly understands it's Tournament MVP D'Asia Thomas who knows and has always known #sizedontmatter "if you can play" and :the game has and always will start at the the one" and she is putting on performance after performance flirting with double and triple doubles all season. Shira Patton and Shadiya Thomas rounded out the All Tournament players for the Mustangs and they are both a couple of the best sophomores in Texas so the nucleus as well as talented players from off the bench will make them hard to beat, but again, anything can happen

2019 Claire Hale opening up season strong for Brandeis HS #GPRUnderTheRadar

I remember driving to a tournament to see Claire Hale play and in the previous game she had suffered a minor injury which was somewhat noticeable and before the game I told her that if she couldn't play, don't worry because I'd catch her another time and her response was " no, I'm playing" and play she did going off for a triple double and that's how the story starts. Well actually it doesn't because I had seen her play the previous season but the jump she made in that short time was tremendous

Now the talented junior is showing even more improvement for Brandeis HS starting the season off powerful with several double-doubles already including a 19/11 in a district opener against a very talented Stephens squad so @ClaireHale_12 is completing the next level package in more ways than one since not only is she excelling on the court but in the classroom as well and to top it off, she plays in the violin in the school orchestra and with that, I'll close with "stay tuned"