Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Lady Pumas Select #I10LiveShowcase

Love to see Louisiana squads because more times that not, I'll be in for a treat even if they roll in down I-10 with boudin or cracklin for me but I'm going to drop this on Lady Pumas anyway, next time I'm expecting a treat though, I'm serious. I was serious about Bereionne Woods four years ago when I caught her in New Orleans in a tournament along with several other can't misses on their squad and just like I called it, all have committed somewhere and even though Woods is a year behind, she too will land on her feet but right now she'll land on my tip sheet which will be on my website later today or tonight or early tomorrow but she'll be on it


Ja' Kai Randall had a solid performance in the paint, I definitely loved watching Aujelyn Davis get to the basket, Cierra Cockerham showed a nice midrange game while the energy from Bria Neal was hot baseline to baseline but it din't stop there. Takelia Smith and Lindsey Lovecchio didn't let up when they came in,  Ahjah Yunusah is another force inside to be reckoned with. Terris McKay definitely is exciting, nice spin move in traffic but I love guards with poise and she has that along with the ability to attack the basket and finish but I ain't finished. Jaleah Lafargue left me speechless and seeing that she's a 2020, I ain't talking at all. Athletic, gets to the basket at will, finishes, jumps out the gym and huge upside

Texas Elite Phenom 16U #I10LiveShowcase

I definitely got a kick out watching this younger Phenom squad get after it at the I-10 Live Showcase and many showed me more than I had seen during the glimpses I've had throughout the season. First looks at Rylee Batson, Madison Jones and Mikayla Malik were good ones but the whole squad is filled with potential. Batson attacks off the dribble and can create and nail midrange, Jones also does a good job getting to the basket and finishing as well as defends and rebounds well while the upside I'm seeing in Malik with her length and athleticism truly captured my attention as well as the electrifying speedster Deja Jones and Heavyn Ming who brings heat on both ends

Anna Kassim keeps solidifying her next level status, she's strong and finishes that way not to mention she too rebounds well, on both ends. On top of all that, her perimeter defense keeps getting better and while I'm talking about perimeter, you better guard her once she crosses halfcourt because she can shoot the long ball pretty accurately. I'll catch the whole squad down the road, be sure and stay tuned for the I-10 Live Tip Sheet which will be dropped later today, more than likely on my website


Sunday, July 16, 2017

DFW Elite Nike 14U #FlavaJam shows stars of the future

Let me tell you something, if this your first time familiarizing yourself would me or what I do, don't be shocked at some of things I say because I definitely mean them but more importantly your only concern should be that I know what I'm doing and I know what I'm talking about and when I associate things such as being counted out like I have been for so many times, it's refreshing to see a 14U squad competing in a NATIONAL 17U event and like me, they keep coming at you with a vengeance. Zyniah Thomas, Mya Willaims and Carolynn Washington all pictured above are three very talented young ladies. Thomas and Washington have landed on my Tip Sheets, both are explosive guards that simply don't know what the word quit means while Williams power on the inside against older players was definitely a treat  to see

Jasmine Shavers has "big time" written all over her and when your hand time enables me to change SD cards before you come down, that in itself should tell you something but watching her create in traffic is huge at this stage. Callie Cooper is definitely a HOOPER, so much energy on both ends and can score but the energy doesn't stop there. Z'Mya Cox, Theasia Ebron and Keyanna White all bring heat and they're all DYNOMITE bit I'm serious, this group of 2021 players will enter high school ready to prove something, they've battled against some of the top players in te state and country and they're not afraid of anything, just like me so with all that being said, Kayden Prox got the Tip Sheet nod from Flava Jam


Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Day 1 #I10LiveShowcase was solid with more action today

The best way to do something, at least for me is to write it , that way there's no confusion on where I stand on certain issues and over the past week, I have to admit I have seen some of the best basketball that I've seen over the last few seasons. Starting of with the Super 64, then Flava Jam and closing with Prime Time's Grand Finale while I was "camping out" in the Metroplex area, watching the action, talent and energy at Day 1 of the Phenoms I-10 Live Showcase was simply the icing on the cake

Be ready for a barrage of info, sort of like that barrage of long ball shooting I witnessed Clutch City Bowman's squad dropped on me yesterday but here's how it will go, Tip Sheets from each event mentioned, that's FOUR, as well as dropping one on the GPR Under The Radar players so always remember, "if I ain't got a roster I ain't sayin nothin bout ya" so I've said this several ways from correct grammar to dropping it when I was BOTH but needless to say, when I drop it, I'm on point, no agenda whatsoever so be ready and always remember to bring it on the court

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Skyrise Edmond keeps climbing ladder #I10TuneUpShowcase

There is no better formula for success than hard work and comprehension and the thing that truly captures my attention is when players grasp certain things at a certain age. I can't tell you how many 10, 11 and 12 year old players that seemed destined for greatness because they were ahead of the game pan out because players caught up and past them, trust me it happens which is why to see a group of young kids, many of which I've been watching for what seems like forever continue to put in work and show their improvement on the court is definitely refreshing

The first time I saw R'Mani Taylor, true story, was at a Prime Time event and she was shooting and dribbling in street clothes and I just knew that this young lady was someone I definitely wanted to catch and after seeing her in action then finding out her class, well the rest is history, I've already said it and it will happen exactly like I predicted because once I call a young player a "can't miss" do your research and just wait. I think Ashlyn Jones upward turn happened late year before last as she continues to bring it, she is doing some damage  in dramatic fashion and is going to be making noise in HS. I truly enjoy watching this squad because not only are they talented but they don't crack, even against older players

Kajah Phillips was so impressive that I was definitely intrigued at what she did on the floor. When you talk about not backing down in the paint against bigger, stronger and older players and I mean not quit, the icing on the cake was her midrange. Aleah Franklin, oh my that floater was clicking and as she, Taylor and Kailyn Peters, who wasn't in town, are the lone 2022 players on this 2021 squad, I'm simply at a lost for words but her athleticism and heat on defense just makes things happen. Gennelle Greene was slightly injured yet it didn't stop her from putting in work, she got the rim at will and was a spark on defense

Another couple of bright spots were Malikiya Thomas and Aleyna Ozcelik. You win with good guard play because if you have no one to handle and apply pressure, well either you get it or you don't and Thomas adds to the talented guards on the squad that can do just that. She showed she could take defenders off the dribble and score with contact while Ozcelik definitely has range and that midrange is always good when you can create under pressure and knock it down. Kamari Portalis, how can I put this, put on a show good enough for a party while Tymberlin Criswell showed that party didn't stop until 8 in da, okay you get it. Portalis has simply elevated her game tremendously I mean that pull-up was impressive but playing that passing lane simply left me speechless and when I did get my voice back, Crisswell took it away again as her "clutch" performances will have her on the Tip Sheet later so stay tuned

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Texas Dynasty 2023 has a lil something brewing #I10TuneUpShowcase

Over the past five years, theirs been a decline as far talent in the area and I get all kinds of responses however the only opinion I'm usually interested in is mine because I've been watching elite players since the turn of the century and I know, not only what I'm ;looking at but what this has become, it is what is, agree, disagree I could care less so when I see players barely in middle school ahead of the game, it's refreshing to say the least  and this Texas Dynasty group heading to the 7th grade definitely left a lasting impression

Keely Cumming just blew my mind in the FOURTH grade when I asked her if she could play before a game and she come and watch. First three plays of the game, she makes a long bucket, crosses a player for a lay-up and throws a no look for an assist and looks at me smiling, so that's what I like, show me on the floor and her wisdom continues to do just that coupled with her talent

Jacei Denley and Janae Tucker left me with some OMG moments, both are doing some things right now HS ;players on their way to the next level can't do and that goes back to the opening paragraph. Denley has unlimited range, handles the ball under pressure, sees the floor well and just makes things happen while Tucker has already mastered the floater and when you combine that with her ability to create off the dribble, take the lick and make the basket......

Aniya Thompson loves to punish and can take punishment, physical on both ends, rebounds and can finish and finish is what Olivia Shaw did on the finish of the day. She's strong and gets to the basket well but she plays within herself and gets the job done. Jalayah Ingram was also a definite bright spot, long and athletic guard that not only plays the passing lane, she defends baseline to baseline and has a good amount of upside which can be said for them all since the finished product is nowhere in sight. Okay 6'2 Riley Grays, hmmm, long athletic and going to the 7th grade, check her out later on the Tip Sheet which will be on, drum-roll please, girlzprepreport.com

Monday, June 26, 2017

Houston Hoops rollin and ready for July #TJShowcase #I10TuneUpShowcase

I think the above picture sort of gives you a clue on Mya Crump the talented 2018 player who can play multiple positions,, well all and I mean well, trust me and when I lay this on you, she's 6'1, long and athletic and just simply amazes me which is why she has made numerous Tip Sheets I've wrote on events she's played in and let me say this, she's a Tip Sheet waiting to happen so no matter what anyone else hasn't said, when I tell you she's one of the top players in the 2018 class and I;m not just talking about Texas, well just trust me


Definitely got a good look at both the Hoops Red and Grey squads at Tyrone Johnson and an even better look at Red this past weekend at the I-10 Tune Up Showcase during #AllEyezOnYou month so the heat from Coretta Hopkins and Madison Lucas was definitely a pleasure to see. Both are athletic guards that can defend and scoore, the improved play from Dymond Taylor continues to impress me as well as Tamia Horton who at 6'2 is filling many voids as she expands her game. Kayla Cobb played, how did I tweet it, like she was possessed and no exorcism would stop her from being on this weeks Tip Sheet from the I-10 Tune Up and guess what, check out Crump and Kirsten Beasley on last weeks Tip sheet from the Tyrone Johnson Showcase


TFP to say the least was exciting #TJShowcase

Talk about talented players but that 2022 and 2023 group of TFP players definitely had quite a few. On the 2023 squad, Molly Ly definitely caught my eye as well as another player I can't name due to an ongoing investigation of being a guest player, no don't ask cause I'm old school and I just can't but she's legit as well. Loved the No Justice No Peace duo of Kanye and Avonnie Justice who created havoc on the inside scoring and defending,

Senaida Barrientos and Natasha Stafford were the younger members of the squad, loved heat Barrientos brought as much as the pull-up from Stafford. Also super energy from Ashton Whelem, but the talent on this squad was all over. Marciza Ward and Lanay Fuller kept the pressure going while Elexus Cooper's ability to attack and knock down the midrange over and over was definitely on point. Speaking of point, Ashunti Cooper, not sure if they're related as well joined Ly on the Tip Sheet from the Tyrone Johnson Showcase


2021 Super Girls has a variety of powers #TJShowcase

I really get a kick out of watching young talented players, especially when I have a correct roster because if I don't have a roster, I might recognize an impostor and with that being said as July rolls around, players I don't know if your coach informed you of this but it's probably not a good idea to trade jerseys with teammates but everyone on this squad already knew that. Some of the middle school standouts on this squad are Taliyah Johnson, Jadyn Davis, Jasmine Alexander and Jaida Powell who all showed plenty of potential. On their HS squad, Charlene Sheppard made the HS Tip Sheet from the Tyrone Johnson Showcase, click on the link below


The size and strength of Kyjha Thompson as well as the power Allaiya Jones was definitely impressive. Jones also showed she could attack and finish strong form the baseline but the energy that trickles down this squad definitely had my attention and I'm certain that I'll get a chance to watch their improvement over the next few years. Angelique Morgan wears #24, certain numbers just catch my eye and stay in my head and the series 24, not with Dr Dre but with Jack Bauer definitely kept me intrigued but so did Morgan who is an explosive guard that's fast with the ball, can score and defend and speaking of doing both of those things, Marlee Ward did that and some as she made the MS Tip Sheet


Thursday, June 22, 2017

Fury Orange and Navy solid #TJShowcase

I was glancing at Fury Orange against DFW Elite Houston from afar and all I saw was Kayla McCloud working and bringing heat in the paint so I wanted a closer look at what turned out to be one of the most exciting games in the event. McCloud's physicality is something all teams need, she just won't quit but the whole program definitely left a lasting impression

Colleges love big guards that can shoot it, 5'10 Jaelyn Knight was one of many that just lit it up. Brittney Martin and Kennedi White brought plenty of heat and made things happen, also showed they could score and I love what Kaysha McCloud bring to the table which is set nicely I might  add. Madison Edler came in off the bench and dropped a 25 footer like it was nothing and I'm thinking wow, when you have more than 4 or 5 definite threats, well things can change quickly

Mallory Lockhart and Lillian Stewart from the BLUE team made the Tip Sheet and if you click on the link below


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Shooting For Success showed me a lot #TJShowcase

Okay let me take off the gloves on this one because first of all, I truly admire and get what David Jones (The Shot Doctor) is doing with his Shooting For Success program. He had one of the best players in Texas, 2016 Mailee Jones, who just transferred to Chicago state, story coming, and she WAS one of the best in that class and I don't GA, whatever letter you want to use to finish the acronym, please do so now, what anyone else has said or thinks, I keep it real, always have, always will and I haven't made it to All Eyez On Me yet

Morgan Rodriguez is a throwback player, she simply put on a show Sunday afternoon scoring with players on her back. Taylor Leal handles the ball well under pressure while Jordan Ozene does that and shoots the three. Solid play from both Daijah Barton and Schyanne Garino , along with Magen Hocker helped the team to keep the intensity up throughout the tournament

Zoe Faustino and Tonesha Rahming's athleticism brought heat on defense but both showed they could score, really loved this team just getting after it baseline to baseline while Cassie Bell was simply impressive on both ends of the floor in the paint. She's strong, athletic, battles for everything, defends and scores and all of that is simply throwback stuff that sometimes gets overlooked by the "novice" who think they know but I'm not a novice, at least at this,  which is why Dyana Offutt will be on the ever so important TJ Showcase Tip Sheet coming soon on girlzprepreport.com

Also I will be at The Shot Doctor's camp in September, more on that coming soon so stay tuned

Lady Thunder add lightning to #TJShowcase

Nothing is as good as having a travel ban lifted and when you crossover to different areas, you get to see a wide variety of players that you may not have or will see. Fortunately for me, I had already seen Lady Thunder stars Frances King, Alexys King and Kasey Jo Hinton when they played for a Bryan area team called TWELVE and I had also seen them at several A&M games when they were babies but they're not babies anymore.

 '19 Alexys always was strong and physical on both ends, as well as athletic however she's added so much to her game on both ends of the court that she simply left me speechless at times. Let me stay on the 2019 players for a moment, Taryn Wills just blew me away, she's athletic out of this world and can score but her ability to elevate and hang in the air is as good as any player in the state. Kierstyn Rossow has size, a shade under 6'0 and can face the basket and score and another former TWELVE player, Sierra Reismeier wasn't there but I'll catch her later at the Flava, hopefully yall caught that rhyme

Frances King has always amazed me, always talkative and definitely a thinker on and off the court and I hadn't seen her in a ouple of years but man was I impressed. That midrange definitely is college level, again trust me, but she's athletic and can grab the snag the ball out of the air, wait, that's in the picture but the picture ain't clear because she definitely brings heat on D. When you talk about aggressiveness and defense, Kimberly Nwaneri does that with ease while Dyani Wilson has shown me she can light it up from outside and that along with her athleticism makes her a threat

I used to call Kasey Jo Hinton RED , not because the Blacklist is based on anything her, even though it's my favorite show she immediately became one of my favorite players back in the day because you just couldn't outwork her, so maybe RED tiers in. She's still that way, strong in the paint, defends, rebounds and scores when needed. Danielle Byers is a player that simply makes things happen, plenty of thunder and lightning quick with plenty of upside. Okay everything I've said is true, lock it in your memory banks because I will always keep it real and with that being said 6'1 Marilyn Nzoiwu is a definite must so she'll be on the Tip Sheet coming up later

New look Dominators on point #TJShowcase

Teranesha Washington and Kaylan Hardeman have given me so many memories over the past couple of seasons and the returnees from last years Houston Lady Dominators definitely brought it for me again at the Tyrone Johnson Showcase. Washington is explosive off the dribble, nice pull-up off the dribble and range galore. Hardeman attacks relentlessly, handles the ball under and defends plus she can score. Both players alternated between the 1 and 2 and the thing I liked even more was that they got everyone involved

Zaida Burris gets to the rim for baskets and can shoot the long ball, Chelsea Green has so much potential and upside that it's unreal and she Latreyvia Prelow just bring heat the whole game. Loved the inside play from Katrina Wells. Faythe Huffman, Jaala Turner and Mikayla Berguin fill in many of the blanks and they bring energy on the court when they step on it

I knew I had seen Donalyn Johnson before, not on the court, I met her and her mom at a restaurant and the young lady had a North Shore shirt on so we began to talk. All I can is modesty filled the conversation from their side but this young lady, another 2020 had me taking off glasses since I'm not 20/20 anymore and left me speechless at times. She plays bigger than her size, throwback and explodes off the ground for rebounds. On top of all that, she can score but her strength.....  Anyway another surprise was Annie Carlile  who you will catch later today or tonight or tomorrow on the TJ Showcase which will be on girlzprepreport.com

MP Elite still solid #TJShowcase

MP Elite has been around way before I came on the scene around the turn of the century and the talented players that have gone on to play at the next level from this program reads like a Who's Who so believe me when I say this is definitely one of the clubs I know I can find next level players on and this years squad which performed at the Tyrone Johnson Showcase is no different because they have a little bit of everything

I love watching Julia Graham shoot that ball, I mean she's deadly from everywhere  on the floor, her range is unlimited and she creates under pressure. Ellie Hagen and Dallie Ferrell also showed they could light it up and that threesome definitely can change the momentum of a game. Demaya Young is the baby of the group, she's one of the top 2020 players in TX, please don't question what I say just trust me when I say it and I saw that a couple of years ago and with her upside, who knows

First look at Kai Fnister who is long and athletic, definitely makes things happen on both ends and at 6'1, I definitely see a bright future in store for her. Davionne Gregory was another player I hadn't seen and her energy and athleticism wears defenders down because she brings it baseline to baseline the whole game. Tiana Gardner simply blew me away on day 2 and with her size and strength, well you'll read more about her on the Tip Sheet wen I drop it on girlzprepreport.com sometime tonight

Monday, June 19, 2017

Story behind Tyrone Johnson & Jene Carter #TJShowcase

 Tyrone Johnson & his wife 


Tyrone Johnson was a former basketball player for the UT and as a product of East Austin schools and athletics, gave his all to help Central Texas student athletes make the most of their abilities and to make opportunities available to them. He spearheaded the first fall league for Austin Independent School District (AISD) athletics and was instrumental in helping form the first sophomore league in Austin. As a coach, he led the Anderson High School Trojans to three district championships and two state championship finals, the closest Austin had come to winning a state championship. His life was cut short by a heart attack at age 49 on a hunting trip in ‘01. Tyrone was inducted into Texas High School Basketball Hall of Fame on May 17, 2014. Long time coming!

Coach Johnson was about so much more than winning. Coach Johnson instilled in his players the values of discipline, fair play, promptness, hard work, and always striving to do your best.  As a Coach in AISD, he was viewed by all a mentor, friend and as a leader in his field.  He was respected in Central Texas and across the state by his professional peers.  Austin Elite continues to honor his name by hosting this event. His legacy continues through his daughters (both are AE Alumnae) Alaina Johnson and Melva Johnson and grandson Christion Whitaker.

From left to right top row:La’keisha Williams, Latoya Ellis, JENE’ CARTER, Coach, Edwina Brown.


Jene’ was a basketball; softball and track star (5A Shot Put State Champion 1995) and played with Austin Lady Knights Girls Basketball Club where she quickly became a favorite among anyone who watched her. At a young age, Jene’ was a giver and could often be found tutoring others or volunteering across the city.  She had choices but in the end selected a track scholarship at SFA in ‘95.  Jene’ suffered heart failure and passed away tragically while attending SFA in ‘97.  To illustrate her impact, she has a SFA Sport Award, Pflugerville SR  Scholarship Award and Pflugerville Softball field named in her honor.  We honor her name with our top HS girls division at the TJ Showcase.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

2017 Prime Time Tip Sheet June 10/11

I gave Dalanna Carter and Kami Phillips there on little deal simply because the 2023 players went at it and put their respective teams on their backs and it gave me a chance to see two young players I've written about numerous times already as they haven't even played their first MS game

Carter simply can take over games at will, she gets to the basket with ease, nice floater under pressure and can score outside but the thing that she does more importantly than anything else is make her teammates better which are definitely attributes you want to have

Phillips athleticism enabled her to do a variety of things early but she's thinking the game even more and as she handles the ball under pressure well, she also looking to make the play and take the shot under pressure which she did and nailed it numerous times

Here are some of the other talented young ladies from the event


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

NCAA Certified Event July 11-12 in HOUSTON

Texas Elite Phenoms are hosting their inaugural certified event July 11-12 in Houston and this has definitely been one of the teams I followed from the beginning years ago, use the search bar located above and the talent that has gone on to play at the next level from here has been definitely among the top teams over the past couple of years

The main thing is to be seen,,not think you're being seen and with one of the best back-courts in the state, Phenoms Dymond Gladney and Demaya Telemague , colleges are already lining up to catch not only them but some of the best players in the area who can play at various levels in college

You can click on link below to


Thursday, May 25, 2017

Whitney Lady Wolfpack #EliteHoopsShowcase

I was going to get a look at this squad one way or another , first the color of their uniforms definitely was an eye catcher but the biggest eye catcher was this 6'2 I'm guessing freshman in high school I hadn't seen before and since posts are the calls I receive most about from college coaches, I wanted to definitely have this young lady on my radar but let's revisit that in a minute

I started watching this Whitney Lady Wolfpack squad and almost immediately I was taken away by Caitlyn Panuco's ability. She can handle the ball under pressure, nice crossover and gets to the basket quite easily for buckets but there's more to her including mid to long range shooting and setting teammates up for baskets. Her sister Valerie Panuco also dazzles with her ball handling, sees the floor well and the upside from both is definitely bright

Destiny Lucas and Camaria Newsome's athleticism and energy fuels the fire on the defensive end, both can bring heat baseline to baseline while Alyssa McMorries and Kaya Martinez are heady guard that makes things happen on both ends of the floor but this team has several pieces and I'm truly looking forward to get a better view next time I see them. Daisy Rodriguez plays multiple positions and what I enjoyed watching her do more than anything else was play the passing lanes

Back to the 6'2 freshman, well I might be wrong about guessing grades however I'm never wrong about two things, well at least two and that's talent and upside and Tabetha Johnson is only a SIXTH grader folks and she makes the Elite Hoops Showcase Tip Sheet


NTX Raptors make an impression #EliteHoopsShowcase

Impressive group of talent on this 2021 squad with a couple of 2022 players, Jasmine Quintana is a gritty guard that plays hard on both ends while Jadyn Fife showed me quite a bit numerous times as she made te Elite Hoops Showcase Tip Sheet


 Kelsey Boyette handles the ball well under pressure, sees the floor, finishes with contact and showed a very nice midrange jumper while Caitilin Kobiskie creates her own shot nicely as well as plays the passing lane. something Jentry Greenwood did as well. Griffyn Leverett attacks the basket strong from the wing and finishes while Justine Franco simply brings it play after play

PAC Elite 2021 #EliteHoopsShowcase

PAC Elite definitely has some up and coming players that mixed finesse and physicality and found a way to mesh it all together. First you have the twins, Bria and Haley Stephens that do a good job on the inside, finishing and rebounding and their strength has a lot to do with that as well as their desire to get it done. Khyler Hardy also proved to be a power on the inside while Emily Waller and Abby Kinnard mixed it up on both ends of the court
Zoriah Tilman is something to see in the open court, mixed athleticism with speed and blew by defenders going coast to coast several times for baskets or just attacking from the wing but others attacked almost at will as well. Angela Greenleaf got to the basket easily while Marth Marigmer not only attacks well, she also creates under pressure and has nice range. Kayla Fuller just did so much in the short time I saw her and that landed her on the Elite Hoops Showcase Tip Sheet


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

NC Elite Lady Huskies #EliteHoopsShowcase

Caught NC Elite Lady Huskies for the first time and saw plenty of young ladies getting after it from start to finish and baseline to baseline and the sheer fact that they brought plenty energy coupled with them being in middle school playing up definitely tells me something about future sightings. Jasey Crenshaw, Amaya Lacey and Courtney King definitely applied pressure along with Shaye Johnson while Savannah Woodard simply was overpowering on the inside at times. Ty Pyburn's performance got her on the Elite Hoops Showcase Tip Sheet