Thursday, April 16, 2015

Texas Elite 15U Grey #Hoopfest NCAA

I had a chance to see quite a few of these Texas Elite players at their evaluation camp a few weeks ago but I love watching players in multiple settings and there isn't anything like game situation so as many of them caught my eye at the camo, some definitely opened both of them over the weekend. Joycelyn Herrera is a legitimate threat, keep in mind that this is basically a freshmen team so they all have time and watching Herrera's poise as well as her ability to shoot the three tells me a lot. Alyson Hanson also has range while Kennedi Lewis did a great job of seeing the floor and making things happen

Alyssa Abrams, Mariah Thomas and Maddie Denard all showed they could score while plenty of upside is there for Alana Ervin, Catherine Saul, Ameri Layeni and Evan Roberts. It's all about progression and with that being said, the jump from the camp until now from Jordyn Bender is somewhat scary because she's long and will probably reach the magic number so when you mix that in with a nice amount of athleticism, there is definitely something working