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Arlington Lady Warriors 2020 at #HoopAHolics

The Arlington Lady Warriors 2020 are a group of young ladies I’ve had the pleasure of observing many of them for what seems like forever but looking at the archives, you can too, it’s only been a couple of seasons. I go on and on about progression and upside with the youth and believe me this group keeps getting better and they’re definitely not done

Alyssa Lafontaine -5’9 forward-she’s always played hard, I wrote after seeing her initially she never takes a play off and on top of that she loves to defend. Several highlight moves in the video tell me the offense has taken another turn as she’s adding more outside scoring instead of just attacking strong, which she does quite well

Kennedi Burns -5’8 guard- I think my exact words were “shifty guard that had another gear” when I first saw her but she’s taken that to another level. I’m seeing more creativity and getting wherever she wants to go and she scores multiple ways

Camryn Hill –5’9 forward-she had a growth spurt which enables her to be even more of a threat as she gets older.  I talked her ball handling and ability to handle the ball under pressure but what I’m seeing tied into her maturity is that she’s becoming more powerful on both ends of the floor and finishing with contact

Jursei Powell -5’7 guard- loved watching her in the skill segment when I first saw her, not only because of what she did but she implemented what she learned into the game segment. Fast forward to now, you can’t teach comprehension and her ability to create her shot and score as well as better ballhandling tells me she’s working

Nina Milliner-5’4 PG- one of my favorite sayings is “the game starts at the one” and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of this one when I first saw her. She’s a powerful PG that understands the game and can get her teammates involved but the energy she brings trickles down to her teammates. I loved her ability to get to the rim and take the lick as well as pulling up for the jumper but that defense was, well on point

Jasmyne Brown -5’9 forward-I called her long and agile as well as smooth and silky and like Milliner, I said with their work ethic, their best basketball is ahead of them. Jas really did some interesting things, like throwing outlets on the money as well as running the floor and receiving them. She’s added a soft jumper and her timing enables her to block numerous shots

Kendall McGruder- another player did was so impressive in the skills segment when I caught her initially that showed what she learned during the games. She already could see the floor and finish with contact but let me tell you something, that ball handling has definitely taken off, she razzled and dazzled through traffic, the mid and long range also gives her multiple weapons

Kate Renner and Z’mya  Cox are both newcomers to Girlz Prep Report and they too showed up well in the skill segment. I like the intensity both bring on defense, Renner showed she could nail the jumper while Hurd did some acrobatic things I’m still amazed at. Plenty of upside for both of these talented young stars 

Texas Elite Adidas Topping stars perform well at #HoopAHolics

One thing I always look for in younger players is progression, well I look for that in older players as well but it's very important to watch the younger keep adding to their games, Half of Coach Topping's team gave me a glimpse on what I'll be looking at in the future.

Here are three of their talented 2020 players that I hadn't seen and below, their 2021 group-

Hailey Arreedondo- 5'1 guard- I guess the easiest way to start this is by saying if she had me dizzy watching her from 300 miles away I can only imagine guarding her on the court. Her ability to create, not only for herself but her teammates is very important at this stage of her career as well as her high energy level

Lanae Johnson-Kleinpeter-5'5 guard- it's always good to have players that are willing to take the "big" shot but it's even better when they can nail it. Johnson-Kleinpeter showed versatility on the offensive end and will only get better

Trinity Murphy-5'9 forward/post -right now she's doing nice things at the five position however I think the ability to face the basket and score is going to enable her to play four and who knows, maybe even a three. Her strength is definitely a plus and with her size, she has the makings of a player to be reckoned with

Mia Topping-5'3 guard- I think the first time I wrote something about her I was blown away by her basketball IQ at such a young age and I'm still sort of overwhelmed because she's now only in the 7th grade. When you know how to run a team and make plays when you're this young, things will only get better down the road. Love her defense, she reads plays before they develop and her offense is coming along nicely

Autumn Smith-5'3 guard-another player I called a very good decision maker a couple of years ago but she's one of those that can ignite her team by making big plays. In transition, all you need to do is run the floor with her and good things will happen. Showing improvement on creating in traffic for baskets

Brittney Flexer-5'4 guard- at last season's HAH her fearlessness against the older kids definitely sold me, well an that floater in traffic but she's another talented guard on this squad that can run a team and make the right decisions. On top of that, she knows how to get open and even better make the shot

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 #HoopAHolics recaps

Aaliyah McDonald

Sometimes when I miss a show on TV and would rather visualize it in my head than actually spending the time watching it, I Google the show along with recap. For HoopAHolics, I'm also making it easier for you to find out what happened what was seen and trust me, it was another hit that was affordable

Aiken Semones

Here is a link to the first three and guess what " hold on wait a minute y'all thought I was finished" but more is actually coming

PassThaBall recap session 1

PassThaBall recap session 2

GirlzPrepReport Tip Sheet part one

GirlzPrepReport Tip Sheet part two 

GirlzPrepReport #SizeDontMatter Tip Sheet

GirlzPrepReport WatchList

GirlzPrepReport session 2 video Tip Sheet

GirlzPrepReport session 1 video Tip Sheet

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UNSIGNED Schenck opens up #AggielandInvitational with a bang

Madison Schenck fits into the mode of player that I associate with my all time original quote, "it's not what you do, it's who you do it against" and the 6'0 forward has been on a tear all season scoring in a game last week while opening up the Aggieland Invitational with a 28 point 28 rebound performance  in the opening round followed by a 31/21 performance in the second game. Keep in mind not only is she scoring and rebounding, she's averaging close to 5 assists per game and all of this from a player that was only a back to the basket player when I first saw her in the 8th grade to now one that can handle the ball i the open court "under pressure" who can also shoot the mid and long range consistently

Monday, December 28, 2015

#SizeDontMatter coming from #HoopAHolics

Several small guards stood out at HoopAHolics, Kayla Glover, Deucee Reed, Zya Vann, Kiarra Jackson just to name a few but guess what, one thing I know is talent and the other is upside, hey I guess two things but my knowledge of breaking this stuff down is unlimited so as a special treat, I'm doing a 5'3 and under segment coming at ya later

Cold outside but two hot college games today

HBU hosts HTU today at 2pm


Rice hosts Loyola Chicago at 7pm


Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Former Under The Radar stars prove me right, AGAIN

Exciting night at Tudor is the best way to put it as TSU edged Rice 69-66 in OT, The Owls continue to show me that they have some weapons and as conference play is around the corner, several players have shown they can step up read more

A couple of former GPR Under The Radar freshmen were on hand and the excitement both of them brought truly gave me a dose of what to expect, even though I already knew, over the next four seasons. Joyce Kennerson was a triple double waiting to happen for PA Memorial, many shunned on her because of her size or body frame and I offered rebuttal's on why this young lady would definitely be a difference maker and she's showing just that for that Tigers

Gabrielle Stanton helped make Kingwood a threat and if that didn't sell you, were club ball exploits certainly would as she initially committed to Arkansas however reconsidered after a coaching change. What I really am impressed with is her ability to come back after a knee injury which had her miss her senior season for the most part and her clutch three is why I put OT in the first sentence


If you don't follow me on Twitter and or Facebook and now, my UNHACKED Instagram account, you might miss something valuable and if you feel you're UNDER THE RADAR


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2015 HoopAHolics recap coming this week

Since the first HoopAHolics Camp I covered for PassThaBall, I can't tell you how many "stars of the future" I've seen including many who would become household names as well as those who just had "can't miss" written all of them. This years event was no different as the vast majority of the 80 plus campers had next level written all over them at various levels while the upside others will have them in the mix as well once that time comes

Stay tuned as I break it down later this week and throw some names at you on multiple sheets

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Monday's action but remember ALWAYS double check

I really wanted to see Elkins at Elsik and even though our only paper had the game at 7pm, I was figuring out a way to make that work since I had to see MacKemzie Johnson one more time after watching her as a toddler hanging around gyms watching her sisters as well as sophomore sensation Monet Jones and the rest of their talented squad go against a tough Rams team

Okay after review, let's givve the schedule from the paper not only personal foul but an interception since Max Preps doesn't have it listed and one more time, double check even though gas is under $2  per gallon


Sandra Meadows Classic December 28-30

It's hard to believe it's been almost 10 years since Westside became the very first area team to win the prestigious Sandra Meadows Classic and the next year Bellaire did the same thing. Special S/O to Bellaire for staying and supporting the Wolves in the championship and two years after Bellaire won it,  Hightower got it done in Hurricane fashion

I won't make this years Sandra Meadows or Mansfield Rotary, only the second time in the past 10 years I've missed both however I'll be glancing via the internet so I'll close with picture


Saturday, December 19, 2015

No tropical storm as Hurricanes defeat Bears

In a battle between the last two undefeated teams in District 23, Hastings jumped out to an early 8-0 lead however a 9-4 run to close the quarter had the Fighting Bears up only by 3 and when the half closed, Hightower was up 20-17. Not a pretty first half for either team, too many turnovers however a couple of things stood out, Hastings has a legitimate chance to sneak up on some people in the playoffs and create some problems

Much of that "sneaking up" depends on Ashley Moore who just does some things athletically you can't teach and with her size and length, she's definitely capable of a double double every night while flirting with triple or even quadruple doubles because she plays the passing lane. Her supporting cast also has some athleticism and multiple long range shooters so we'll just see how this plays out

Eneily Rodriguez basically took this game over scoring double digits in the 3rd quarter in which she and Adrianna each dropped threes while Jasmine Harvey nailed a couple of them plus that electrifying Maddison Glass did a little bit of everything to help them to a 44-29 lead after three which kind of changed the momentum for good. The Hurricanes are still without Treazure Mouton and Taylor Howard, I called them a  sleeper to get out of here, at 100% they'll be wide awake

D-17 watch Tapps outburst proves Mustangs in hunt

Okay let me give you some quick hitters on the toughest district in the area, why do I say that, because I know what I'm talking about and two of District 17 teams could make it to the Campbell Center. Special S/O to the Chronicle for posting box score, not sure if they're accurate but we'll assume they are


This is a game I started to attend however the Mustangs were without DiDi Richards, Ariana Whitfield and D'Asia Collins so I felt like I knew how this would play out. The Wildcats Big Three of Catherine Reece, Jasmine Williams and Nancy Mulkey all scored in double digits but the big story is Rachel Tapps going off for 25 proving what I said years ago, "she's more than just a defensive standout"



This is a game I was going to attend however after running into some of the players at the Outlet, I found out no Yinnngggg no Branch so I adjusted gears and chose to do something different. The Eagles still flew with three players in double digits however the 25 outburst by UNDER THE RADAR sophomore Tia Tolbert proves what I said years ago, "this kid can play"



Jersey Village has already won more games than last season, maybe the last two and much of that success has to do with the electrifying Truong twins and Kayleigh went completely off with 21 in a losing cause while Angela Harris and Olivia Noah dropped 15 and I'll close with something I said about Harris in the 6th grade and the Truong's in the 5th, "those kids have D1 written all over them" and drum-roll please, once again I was correct


Friday, December 18, 2015

D-23 matchup has Moore to offer

This doesn't happen to often however I'm rearranging my schedule, both shopping and viewing, to coincide with tonight's District 23 match-up between Hightower and Hastings. Here's the deal, both teams, based on Max Preps, are undefeated in district play and even though Hightower has lost some games early, they are without a couple of D1 starters in Taylor Howard and Treasure Mouton

This game will also feature a couple of key unsigned players, Hurriicane's star PG Maddison Glass and one the ultra athletic 6'1 Ashley Moore


Thursday, December 17, 2015

District 17 showdowns highlights tomorrow's action

Cy Ranch is one of the teams I picked to have a legitimate shot at representing R3 however keep in mind my predictions are based on teams being what, 100% and they definitely have not in fact the injury bug has plagued the Mustangs three years in a row. They'll be at full strength when it counts and that's for the run however Cy Ranch and Cy Woods definitely have a chance to make it to the Campbell Center in February but their game tomorrow is one I'll pass on until everyone is on the floor

Cy Fair goes against a much improved  Jersey Village, much of that starts at the top and the fantastic freshman Truong Twins while Under The Radar sophomore Tia Tolbert and her Cy Springs squad travels to another team plagued by injuries Cy Falls, keep in mind these games are for playoff spots since I'm going to INK in Ranch and Woods as the top two but who knows, Langham Creek has shown they could sneak up on some folks as well

Here's the schedule, I truly hate the box scores with the individual stats have gone away


Dallas is getting a WNBA team, probably because the game is taken a little more seriously


UNSIGNED Schenck one of stars to see at Space City Jam

I can't say I knew Madison Schenck would be a star at 10 years old probably because I didn't see her for the first time until she was in the 8th grade but what I saw was a fierce inside player that battled taller players for everything and simply would back down or give up. Fast forward to now, the senior has grown both on the court ,where she can score from mid to long range and handle the ball in the open court  under pressure, as well as off the court as she stands at magic number of six feet

Last weekend, she continued her torrid scoring pace at the Central Heights Holiday Hoopfest averaging over 20 ppg and probably a double double helping lead her SATCH squad to runner-up in the tournament where she was named to the All Tournament Team. Then on Tuesday, she dropped 25 in their win over Madisonville and she'll be more than ready for next month's Space City Jam. Schenck is legit, no one works harder and I'm still amazed at the transformation on how she's continued to evolve as a player


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Panthers come up short against Wildcats

I was speaking to someone about how everything continues to change and I also made mention that just because a score is close doesn't mean it was a good game, some get it, some don't but the bottom line is either you know or you don't. Klein Oaks traveled to Dekaney to show that they are definitely better than last season, well the last two because the past three games they've lost to the Wildcats by over 50 so losing 69-58 is a moral victory to say the least

Much of the turnaround has to do with freshman Elizabeth Scott, a young lady I tagged "Great Scott" in the 6th grade and her ability to play multiple positions at 6'0 including some "one" last night has a lot of someone's noticing all over the country however another freshman, Brooke Cephus, came off the bench to drop back to back threes late in the first quarter to give them a 15-10 lead after one. Randi Blackburn also knocking down the long ball, she added three in the first half however Dekaney turned things around and lead 29-27

Dekaney has multiple weapons, game starts at the one and #sizedontmatter Jaelyn Richard-Harris simply sees the floor so well that she sets up her teammates for baskets over and over and the electrifying Jasmine Smith has range that radar has problems keeping up with but Kene Hamilton knows how to start things off and she was definitely making things happen early. This was also one of the best games I've seen Makeedah Collins play, I'm talking all around while Keyshawna Scott at 5'7 plays as if she's 6'0 and if she didn't have another double-double I'd be surprised

Dekaney got going in the third quarter and opened things up outscoring Klein Oak 25-12 and gave them enough cushion to hold on to the victory. In the "It's All About The Girls" event I covered in October, I definitely saw improvement in Klein Oak but this game against Dekaney showed they actually have some firepower to get into the playoffs and be competitive

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Manvel's Lauren Taylor closing senior year oot with a bang

I've always loved Lauren Taylor's energy and when you have players as athletic as she is that never eases up, good things will happen especially on defense but watching her go completely off on offense at last season's Cy Fair Classic showed me another element of the UNSIGNED seniors game and her's a glimpse and more will be coming


Saturday, December 12, 2015

Chastadie raising the Barrs as freshman

I saw something in Chastadie Barrs long before she committed to Lamar University and I'd have to say I got an assist on this one because several "reliable" people told me I needed to check her out at DeSoto. What impressed me immediately was her in your face defense, this showed me two things, desire and passion and over the years watching her finish up her high school career it became more and more evident she could put the ball in the basket as well

She's making the transition from high school to college like I knew she would, with ease read more

Tatum Veitenheimer sets milestone

I couldn't remember exactly how old Tatum Veitenheimer was when I first saw her play and when she told me she was only nine, I was even more blown away. I knew at early age this young lady had "it" and her poise on the court against older players sold me. I started calling her TV and I said the reason I did it wasn't because I didn't want to type all of the letters in her name, it was because that's where I'd be watching her play one day and as that day gets closer and closer she continues to amaze me

Last night, the sensational sophomore from Windthorst scored 24 points and went over the 1000 mark less than halfway into the season, keep in mind she's scoring over 20 ppg after helping lead her high school volleyball team to the state finals. While we take a commercial break, many more points and assists are coming for this talented young lady, not only high school but beyond and one more time, "I told you so, early"

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Wildcats hold off Wildcats in wild one

I tweeted early yesterday that just because the score was close didn't mean it was a "good" game however last night's game between Dekaney and Cy Woods definitely was what I consider a "GOOD" game in fact it was better than good as Dekaney won 60-56

I think the official was asking Jasmine Smith how many threes she had in the opening quarter,, well it was 3 as she played around the world with herself  dropping three long as the opening quarter ended at 15 all and in the 2nd quarter, Dekaney tried to open this thing up as the led at halftime 33-24

I told Jaelyn Richard -Harris thanks for making me look like a genius because what she brings to the table was definitely shown last night as she recorded an unofficial triple double but I know she had way over 10 points and steals and peep this, had all the shots been made in the opening quarter, she would have had 10 assists then

 Cate Reese simply went off scoring 29 points on the night from a variety of ways and her countless free throws, I didn't count them, in the second half helped fuel the comeback in the 3rd quarter ironically with starter Jasmine Williams sitting out in foul trouble. Williams definitely made her presence felt down the stretch and her back to back baskets gave Cy Woods a 54-53 lead with 1:25 left, After trading baskets, Smith dropped her 4th three which seemed like it was from I-45 and that was definitely a momentum changer

Nancy Mulkey probably had a close to a triple double as well, I took a bite of my snickers bar every-time she blocked a shot and that was more than ten bites but that impressive front-court still received solid guard play to stay in striking distance which means they are going to be in the hunt come late February if that trend continues
Dekaney keeps getting a variety of players to step up every game I've seen them which is probably around five times other than Harris and Smith. Whether it's Kene Hamilton or Makeedah Collins who join them in the starting lineup or Kaela Brooks and the sophomore "bigs" of Hill and Dirden, they always have at least a third player that brings "it" to the came. Last night it was Keishawna Scott who probably had a double-double herself . Scott is a track star that can play basketball, her athleticism is through the roof and she came up with numerous big time plays on the evening

BOX well sort of 

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Mass sisters among latest added to Hoop A Holics December 13th

When I saw the Mass sisters come across Twitter saying they would be in attendance at the 2015 Hoop A Holics eval, I said wait a minute, Charlene is going off for San Antonio Madison and by going off I mean the freshman just dropped 24 last week. I didn't know Charlene and Ceyenne had a younger sister, Ferline who happens to be in the 2024 class

Looking at the list, I already see several that will play at the next level and I'm looking forward to seeing their progression from last time

It's not too late to register so click here

Cy Woods at Dekaney highlights tonight's action

Watching Allison Reese and Paige Gant over the weekend has me reevaluating how far I thought Cy Woods might go, after all, they lost Erica Ogwumike (Pepperdine) and Tayana Perez (Tulsa) which equates to a D1 backcourt and even though the new Big Three of sophomore sensation Cate Reese and seniors Jasmine Williams (Texas A&M) and Nancy Mulkey (Oklahoma) all are FRONTCOURT players and you still need GUARD play no matter what anyone says, thinks or feels, it's just the way it is

Huge performances by A Reese coming back from a broken finger going baseline, playing under control and scoring along with Gant giving me one of the highlights of the year, falling down on the floor while throwing a 45 foot pass on the money for an assist, well ........

Here's the schedule for tonight, always remember if you aren't sure DOUBLE CHECK


HBU's Neal captures Southalnd Conference honors

I've seen acrobatic and exciting players all over the place and when I think along the lines of watching female athletes doing things many don't think they can do, Houston Baptist star Monet Neal would probably fall in that percentile because she has done some incredible things that some guys can't and I'm seriously talking college athletes. Out of all the acrobatic plays I've witnessed over Neal's career at HBU I've seen her also grow on the court, play under control and simply become an even better basketball player who is also a "highlight waiting to happen"

This young lady was honored as Southland Conference Player of the Week


HBU has been impressive this season and they'll be home for their next three games so parents, with all of the colleges we have in the area, try and get your daughters, especially the younger ones, out to see some games so they will know what it takes to play at the next level, schedules can be found in link below



After being named All Tournament at the Jack Frost Classic ,Alexia Torres continues to do some spectacular things including a couple of 25 point scoring games in that very tournament. Torres has been solid ever since I started watching her play three years and one of the players that has left me many exciting memories including several buzzer beaters. This got me thinking about just how many times this young lady has done just that and I truly don’t know however on top of everything I’ve said about this talented unsigned guard, not only does she want the ball in the clutch, she also delivers and with her range, knowledge of the game and skill set, I'm certain of what she'll be able to do at the next level

In her freshman season as starting Varsity Point Guard for Marshall HS, she had a number of them. The video shows 3 buzzer beaters in the same game. As a sophomore against crosstown right Rival Antonian HS, she had a number of deep 3's in the 3rd quarter capped by a buzzer beater. As a junior, she had 3  memorable ones, 1st from half court, 2nd to win the game against a state ranked SA Cole, 2rd came in her final game of the playoffs. As a senior, she hits a buzzer beater at the Jack Frost Tournament. Maybe her last, maybe she still has a few more up her sleeve and I’m banking on the latter. Look this young lady has unbelievable range, I'm serious LOOK AT THE VIDEO 

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Tompkins comes out on top in Katy Classic

Due to my confusion on what time the U of H @ Rice game was, I missed the 3rd place and Championship games of the Katy Classic however the semifinal games between Colleyvile Heritage vs Friendswood and Seven Lakes vs Tompkins both kept  me on my toes.

Friendswood's Kayla Callaway was on fire scoring 19 as she helped fuel a ferocious comeback however Colleyville Heritage held on behind numerous scorers including sophomore sensation Bryn Gelrich,  add her as another 7th grader that I said big things were coming after watching her drop 7 or 8 threes in a game playing two years up, against a competitive team

 In  the other semifinal game, it was mainly back and forth between Seven Lakes and Tompkins, this was basically a district preview and I haven't looked at the brackets however I imagine with the right seeding, either has a great opportunity to make it to the Campbell Center, Seven Lakes appeared to be on the verge of opening it up as Tompkins didn't score for the first five minutes in the third quarter however the momentum changed when Sarah Goss entered and immediately paid dividends wit a backwards lay-up for an and one which definitely changed the momentum

In the 4th quarter Seven Lakes didn't score for the first five minutes and although they made a couple of runs, they came up short. Allison Goss led  all scorers with 22 while Brittany Panetti scored 13, Panetti also scored 16 in the championship game. The Spartans were led by Cydney Varner (12) and Michelle Fokum (11) in their 50-37 loss however Seven Lakes won the 3rd place game and again, the district race should be exciting,

Friday, December 4, 2015

ANNALISE helps show winter finale hasn't come #PeggyWhitleyClassic

If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook and my now UNHACKED Instagram, you may have seen the numerous posts about Clear Falls Annalise Brisco and "the spin" which when done traffic and completed is one my favorite moves to see. I used to be a How To Get Away With Murder fan however like Lost and Fringe and the many other shows that lost my interest, the name Annalise just got me going again since the show is on hiatus, okay I still watch it sometimes

Clear Falls definitely impressed with their win over Hightower and even though the Hurricanes weren't at full strength, the Knights armor might be shining down the stretch with the talented from various positions including athletic nightmare Ashlyn Dunbar. I mean Taylor Allen and Kaitlyn Strassner can open things up from outside as well as Destiny Navarro from waaaaaay outside, loved the athleticism from Corthisa Ellis not to mention what Madison Nicholas and Sydney Cole bring in when they're on the floor

Clear Falls vs Cy Woods at 1:30 winner will move to the finals tomorrow
On the other side Clear Springs tangles Cy Fair at 10:30, the winner faces North Shore tonight at 6:30 and that winner moves to the finals

I'll give you a little more later but remember if I have a bracket, you can find it


Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Dekaney impressive in win over Cy Falls

Cy Falls has shown signs of being a contender, defeating Clear Springs and losing by seven to the defending state champion Cy Woods in the Texas Invitational and also without one of their key players, Jae Branch but Dekaney came out strong in the opening period and led 24-10 after one. Many bright spots are still there for the Eagles, Deja Cormier came off the bench to give them 6 of their 10 in that opening period and it was good to see Nia Fuller and Kiara McElroy connect from long distance during the game. Dajia Craft was solid at the one, Daeja Monroe has already showed me she can light it up from long range while Kayla Godfrey provided good minutes on the inside again. Joanne Taylor is one of the top 2018 players in the state, I saw that when I caught her in middle school and she put on a second half show to ignite several rallies however Dekaney won 71-51

The Wildcats have an arsenal of weapons at every position, game starts at the one and I tweeted Jaelyn Richard-Harris could navigate a raft on the ocean through fog, she simply sets her teammates up for easy baskets and had close to 10 assists in the first half, plus she scored. Kene Hamilton keeps amazing me, she was virtually unstoppable early in the game while Keishawna Scott simply elevates over opponents and one shot in particular showed her explosiveness. Another solid effort from Makeedah Collins, inside/outside and on both ends plus the sophomore "bigs" Tatyana Hill and Sierra Dirden just keep getting better. Kalea Brooks also showed she could score, but it wasn't Jasmine Smith dropping multiple threes from almost outside the gym that impressed me, nor was it her attacking off the dribble, I saw her doing all of that in the seventh grade, What rtruly impressed me was her playing passing lanes like an All Pro Cornerback--TOUCHDOWN!!!!!

Next up, Cy Falls in the Katy Tournament, Dekaney in the Terry Tournament


Patterson on fire in Mustangs win

This is one of my favorite pictures of Chastity Patterson as it's almost saying "take it from me" and although earlier in her career many tried to do just that however in three days, it will be five years since I first saw the young lady with a ball in the gym, keep in mind she was in her school uniform, 6th grade, however watching her mannerisms, ball handling and of course, her stroke, I simply NEW she would be one of the top players in her class

Patterson dropped 40 last night in the Mustangs win over Cy Fair, no surprise as she and Deauzya Richards, another middle school talent I knew would become a big time player, have both eclipsed that number and I wouldn't be surprised if both drop 50 before their high school career ends. North Shore is one of the favorites in the Peggy Whitley Classic, they've already defeated Cy Woods, Hightower and Clear Springs, all among the top teams in the area


One more time, every player that I have said would be among the TOP players in the country since my own daughter was in middle school almost 15 years ago, have done exactly as I said and again, the future is NOW

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Peggy Whitley Classic all day Thursday

Deer Park's Katie Owen has the fork and I'll bring the knife as I cut through the Peggy Whitley Classic's teams all day but as I glance at the bracket, that potential 3pm game looks very interesting if Irenisha Johnson is back for the Cardinals

Owen however is one of my must players, the Under The Radar Unsigned senior has been a capable scorer throughout her career and nothing has changed so here's the bracket


Cy Falls @ Dekaney for tournament tune up

Every time I see Cy Falls, they're looking better and better and although they've been plagued by injuries, they're almost healthy as they await the countdown to the return of Jae Branch. Tonight, they travel to Dekaney before competing in the Katy ISD Tournament later this week while Dekaney will be playing in the Terry Tournament

Here are the games going on tonight, always double check times and sites


Schedules for tournaments this weekend