Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Houstonians 15U win #Hoopfest Varsity

 There were three or four Houstonians that simply stood out enough for me to pick them for the Varsity Tip Sheet coming up sometimes before the 10 o'clock news, well hopefully it will. I mean you have Annya Moss, Erin Randall and Nyasia Goldman, three of the most athletic and talented freshmen, let me go out on a limb, in the state but another freshman that simply keeps elevating her game, and height is Tianna Clark so we'll drop back on Sally later

Goldman went off in the playoffs for Westside, I was sold then and after a couple of minutes watching Randall and Moss, well same thang. Alleah Dallas and Kyla Higgs are a couple of 8th graders that will make plenty of noise in their high school career and beyond but this squad has a lot of weapons, Dallas has had another growth spurt and she gets it while Higgs doesn't need glasses to thread the needle. Janasia Cuney is physical, she gives and takes with ease and the athleticism Yannie Ware brings is a huge plus on both ends