Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Dynasty Moore brings just that #PrimeTime

The progression continues as this talented group of 9th and 10th graders put on a fight in the championship last weekend in the 9/10 Grade Division but came up just short. Valerie Di Gulio did some of everything, shot it mid and long range, attacked and finished, anticipated passes and scored with both hands

Kim Courett has a nice midrange game but she's simply in your face, I mean everywhere and that's baseline to baseline. Jasmine Atobejaun is long and athletic, she's finishing well as she outruns opponents after defensive rebounds and is turning out to be very good shot blocker. Brooke Pinson also handled the ball well under pressure and has added a floater to her arsenal

Jewels Campbell is yet another that can handle the rock but her highlight is still running through my head when she cut backdoor for a reverse layup in traffic, almost in one motion. Lily Burdette's length is an asset and watching her playing the pass lane was art because after she got it, she was scoring or going to the line, she's a good FT shooter.

Marci Gabrilese doesn't realize her strength but defenders did as she just wanted the ball more many times. On top of that, she has very good timing which is an added plus. Mikal Rhoden and Tyra Nugent also came up with big plays during their run to the finals and I can't wait to see this squad again