Friday, June 20, 2014

DFW Miller #TJShowcase

Briana Johnson and Tayelin Grays are two of the best youngstas cause that's what I says!!! Okay it's early but trust me, Grays will make noise as she enters the 9th grade while Johnson still will have a year of MS ball to occupy her time. Both would be playing major minutes on, well any HS team in the city right now, yes I said it because it's true. What's also true is the improvement I continue to see throughout the DFW program down here in Houston and several HS players continue to rise

Kaja Blake along with #34 and #44 are creating problems in the paint, Corrine Evans is a gifted scorer while Rexesha Hollis slices her way to the basket almost at will. Big S/O to Jade Ball who has fully recovered, not good news for defenders as she dropped missiles from Erwin Center