Thursday, June 19, 2014

Austin Elite RFW captures #TJShowcase Jene Carter runner-up spot

Back in the day when you heard put up your dukes, you knew you were preparing for a fight and since I love remixes, when you hear Alexus Dukes, the energetic guard from Austin Elite RFW, well same thing.  Dukes at times can be unstoppable and her ability to score by attacking or pulling up is only overshadowed by her long ball and she simply comes at you one way, hard. The more I watch Dasia Johnson, the more impressive she looks and after that initial sighting of her last season with another team, she has shown me an even wider variety of what she can do and when you start a game with b2b2b2b and almost another three, well what does that tell you

It tells me that they have two scorers, well if  I was a novice at watching the team but since I consider  myself a little more, let me brag on Imani Robinson and Kennedy Harris.Both are gifted athletes that can play basketball and Robinson't thing is simply unbelievable at times because she can soar up, up and away over defenders while Harris can simply overpower but what makes them even more deadly is their strength and ability to score from the wing or launching it while another wing. Monae Smith is super explosive as well and you have to be ready because all cylinders can go

Kennedy Wilson is smooth and used her length well, she also altered shots and finished while Abby Holland was tough on the boards and even tougher attacking and scoring from midrange. Korin Overton simply controlled the paint at times, she used her body well and rebounded on both ends but was also athletic enough to throw shots back while Tyra Banks did a good job finishing as well