Monday, June 16, 2014

#AutoAwesome Monday starts with another TV #TJShowcase

If you follow me, you know after a large tournament which I've snapped a lot of photos, Google+ captures images and makes them sort of like GIF's I guess. If you got that, then you also know that I'm usually drained from putting in the work off the court because once again, no one does it like I do. On Monday's, I try and take those photos and throw mini stories with them and we'll start off with a young lady that has simply battled her way back

Tiffany Valentine had an outstanding tournament at the Tyrone Johnson Showcase as she helped lead the Houston Insiders to the semi's in the Jene Carter division and as she heads into July, with her size, around the magic number, and strength, colleges will be observing this young lady a lot as she has taken her game to yet another level. On Sunday, I tweeted, this might Father's Day but it's Valentine's weekend, actually I said Tiffany Valentine weekend but as long as you get it

I have a few more to bring you throughout the day and I'll close with another TV from Texas Camp