Friday, June 20, 2014

Katy Rebels-Goss #TJShowcase F4

The more I see the Katy Rebels-Goss squad the more I giggle as to how the time has flown and many of these young ladies are about to enter junior year in high school. My initial sighting was that they were scrappy and filled with potential and I just couldn't take my eyes off the Goss twins, Sarah and Allison, who were simply highlights waiting to happen from a couple of size don't matter guards. They're clicking on a lot of cylinders and with players like Emily Hatfield that can not only score strong on the inside but with either hand, well that's a start as well as the pickup of Kelly Lynch who at times can be instant offense

 Kendall Rollins is definitely someone that can put up numbers in droves and from all over the place while Emmie Falbo shos a good midrange game every time I see her. Kelley Skinner plays that passing lane well and can man up baseline to baseline as well as Abby Nagode who also came up with some huge stops by racing down the floor and create turnovers while the other team was on the break. The twins, well not much has changed other than Allison has fully recovered from a knee injury and still dazzles me while Sarah is someone who an be deadly on offense.

Oh yeah, Big Shot Panetti, Big Play Panetti or just simply Brittany Panetti has just evolved into a legitimate BCS prospect, yeah I said it. Without going into details, she's done more than just hold her own against some players her size, she's 6'2, or taller who have BCS offers on the table. She's long and can shoot the ball from 15 feet, well that was before watching her nail three after three at the Texas A&M Elite Team Camp. To sum it up, I'm ready to say I told you so and you know if I make that statement, well............