Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Killeen filled with energy and talent #TJShowcase

 Okay I'm a little familiar with the Lady Cougars, hadn't seen them in a minute but I'm glad I caught up with them. With the exception of 2016 players  Tija Hawkins and Daiza Jolly, this team is full of 2017's. Hawkins is long and elevates on her shot while Jacen Moore showed excellent timing and simply out-rebounded opponents as well as blocked shots.Abigail Green can play some D and Abigail Green can shoot the three, had to sneak a rhyme in today, just to keep you alert
 You better be alert when Kaya Lovell has the ball, that first step is one of the bests around and this kid is fast with the ball. She sees the floor and can get wherever she wants and her upside hasn't been touched. Vestiney Cook also showed she could finish from the wing while Taylor Askew made some big plays on opening day