Friday, June 27, 2014

2016 Panetti expands game beyond her 6'2 height

I simply don't know what else Brittany Panetti will do that amazes me next because first of all, she's a double-double waiting to happen and I'm talking on the high end and as she becomes more aggressive, I'm seeing even more positives.

She was a machine at the Texas A&M Camp and after being named to one of the Al, Star teams, she simply dominated and was the leading scorer with, yep, a double-double. She's held her own and even outplayed some of the "top" bigs in the state not  to mention with the game on the line and the clock winding down, she hit a three for a Katy Rebels win, well the scoreboard was wrong, they were already up after further review, but the bottom line is she looked at the score, took the shot and nailed it

That tells you she can step out and score facing the basket to go along with her many other attributes she brings to the table and with her size, well see for yourself at the Tournament of Champions in Chicago and you can thank me by subscribing to my service because down here in Texas, #talentiseverywhere