Thursday, June 19, 2014

Team Xpress White #TJShowcase South Congress runner-up

  I saw a little bit of this squad on Saturday and a whole lot on Sunday but the high point for me was seeing yet another star from Oklahoma that blew me away 10 years ago, Earnesia Williams. Williams was a MDAA and starred at the University of Texas and professionally overseas was on the bench with her mom giving valuable instructions to the talented players throughout the team. Williams simply blew me away at Virginia Beach in AAU Nationals and my eyes on the players from Oklahoma has been focused on them from that day on

Plenty of focus was on these young players as well as they had athleticism to run you down and shooters to open things up, well they have even more than that. #4 handled the ball well and showed deep range while Kelen Kenol attacked the rim hard, well so did Brooke Elliot, Deonna Day and and Taylor Elliot. Brroke also showed some nice crossovers while Taylor saw the floor well. Cammie Moore read the defense well enough to come up with numerous steals while Katie McKie was strong in the paint. The energy from Cara Taliaferro, McKayla Tenhave and Bridget Berry kept the pressure going while Gabby Bosquez helped get it off with her mid and long range scoring