Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Lady Ice bring fight to #PrimeTime

This #AutoAwesome picture sums up how the Lady Ice rolls, they're all over the place, constantly moving and in your face on defense. Once I realized I wasn't seeing double, I saw identical twins Raquel and Rachel doing many of the same things, Raquel a bit more on offense while Raquel on defense helped set and change many of the tones during the games I saw them performing in

Talent is definitely everywhere and many these Dallas area players attend Marcus HS so with that being said I was ready for the action. Kathryn Dean definitely gave me some with her ball handling and pull up jumper but the athleticism from Destinee Matthews and Kaci Grewin helped keep everything in check as they came down shorthanded

Julie Guerrero did a number of things well however her shot coming from 45 degree angle while lying on the floor simply made my tournament, not only because she made it but she had the mindset to try it. Stephanie Puga and the baby, Rose De Los Santos also put in some good work and kept the intensity going