Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Texas Rise(s) to the occasion Capitol #TJShowcase runner-up

When you have nice and complimentary parents on Facebook, I'm definitely going to try and catch you and when you have an arsenal of weapons, I have to check multiple times to make sure I'm not missing something. This is another talented young team full of up and coming stars you'll be hearing about in high school and watching them over the weekend has them a must see at Prime Time Nationals. Madison Smith ad London Scott attack the basket like their already established high school players and watching Scott already showing she can nail the midrange consistently is a plus

Also knock the mids down with regularity was Maci Lynch and that along with her strength will have overpowering defenders. Madison Williams and Maya James played key roles in the run, well so did Nyah Jackson and Paige Patton but when it comes down to it, Destiny Hughes was simply off the chain with speed, with the ball and her ability to anticipate and finish adds up to reminding me of another young player by the same name that would up at LSU. Only a comparison because of the names, always remeber to stay focused and continue to work and speaking of working, N' Denasija Collins simply did a whole lot of things very well