Wednesday, June 18, 2014

South Texas Hoyas demonstrate talents #TJShowcase

The Hoyas simply have multiple players throughout their organization that simply get after it. Over the weekend, several players were at various camps including three right there in Austin for the University of Texas event however still they managed to come out with a variety of faces to form a recipe for success. Ta'Niya Jackson was the baby of the bunch, the lone MS player yet she doesn't realize she isn't supposed to be doing some of the things she does, well that's not true because she's fearless and when you talk about playing the passing lanes, that's her and that first step is, well you'll see, it'll be a blur, but you'll see

Kavin Johnson and Robbie Jones joined Jackson as players who simply found ways to get to the rim while the body control of Paige Williams sometime made it look as if she was suspended in mid-air. Bjan Webb-Hawthorne has good size and tons of potential to control the paint.  Kyra Fennel showed she could elevate on her shot which was dropping from mid to long range