Monday, June 30, 2014

#AutoAwesome Monday starts now from #ACRC

Usually Google+ gathers a lot of different pictures together and you get like what you're seeing in the above frame and it's called Auto Awesome/ The ladies pictured in the frame were among many at the Alamo City Roundball Classic that were simply that, Automatic and Awesome. Cy Fair Shock Ogwumike left like they came in, undefeated and battled tested as they simply have the ability to switch gears at the link of an eye. I tweed Jordan Hosey and Lashaan Higgs were the best H&H combo since those green stamps and even though the names were S&H, they should have been the other way around

I'll bring you a few of the moving pictures today and a recap of the tournament which was off the chain and I'm looking forward to the next one