Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Oklahoma stars left me with lasting memories #TAMUCamp

I caught Danielle Gant for the first time at AAU Nationals in Virginia Beach back in 2004 when she played with Air Oklahoma and they were playing the Fairfax Stars featuring Marissa Coleman. Coleman was established star that went on to do big things both at Maryland and the league while Gant's teammate, Earnesia Williams, would star at Texas and now overseas. Both Coleman and Williams wound up being McDinald's All Americans but Gant stole the show as she single handily went completely off.

That happened numerous times during her Texas A&M career where Gant sometimes played all five positions and she sort of was the player that opened my eyes to Oklahoma basketball. They were opened wider when I saw Courtney Walker playing for DFW Elite prior to reaching stardom in Aggieland and she's shown that her midrange is more than deadly and I can;t  remember the team she went against in Big State Flava, which I'll be covering yet again this season, but something like 10-10 from all over the place securing a comeback victory

Last weekend, 2017 Jonah Johnson simply went completely off and the young lady showed me her explosiveness a few years ago when I caught her a Ganon Baker Camp. Johnson dropped 6 threes in a row, four in a span of two minutes and was simply unconscious as she let them go from around 30 feet. Those individual efforts are among the best and my dropping 8 threes today against some more old guys doesn't compare because "t's not what you do, it's who you do it against"and they've dome it against some of the best