Thursday, June 26, 2014

Charlotte Hodges stays close to home as she decides on HBU

I caught a glimpse of Charlotte Hodges during her sophomore season at Kingwood and the thing that stood out was the fact that she as simply relentless on the boards and could finish but here’s a kid who’s shown me over and over again what hard work, determination and even more importantly, dedication to be the best you can be will do at the end of the day. Hodges kept working and expanded her game to becoming more than just a back to the basket player as her ability to put it on the floor from the wing during last summer opened a lot off college coaches’ eyes

That, along with being around the magic number, that’s six feet for those who are novices to my sayings, and also knocking down the mid and long rage shots simply gave her an arsenal recruiters love in a player with that size. Yesterday the deal was sealed as she chose Houston Baptist University over many others and I asked her why and she responded “Because it felt like family, I loved the atmosphere and it's a great school with great opportunities” I’ll be seeing a lot of Charlotte over the next few years and I’m expecting big things down the road