Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Waco Lady Panthers Queens of Rosewood #TJShowcase

The Waco Lady Panthers battled their way to the first place trophy in the Rosewood Division and the championship game was simply a thriller, well most of them were. Marianne Rawls pull-up was a monster plus she just battled for everything, well that's the whole squad. Jaquesha Greene and Jontrey Johnson simply brought so much energy that it trickled down among the team. Jaylinne Johnson simply outran opponents through the event for buckets while Elise Talt simply had to get  bta because she lit it up from long range while Shay Todlin hit long, mid and attacked the basket for scores plus came up with several steals because, she played the passing lane well

Also on the attack to the basket was Haley Howard who handled the ball well under pressure and had a nice pull-up jumper of her own. Shelenia Green was, yep, attacking at will, but she has speed, she's strong and can rebound and when you're as athletic as she is, good things will happen with that mix and they did. Tyra Gentry and Kobi Gill did exceptional work in the paint on both ends, Gentry also showed she could face the basket and score while Gill took defenders off the dribble