Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Bay Area squad continues to Blaze winning #PrimeTime 9/10 Grade Division

It's awesome for me to watch things develop right before my eyes,  equate this to my first Polaroid when I was around five or six but that old saying seeing is believing definitely fits. The Bay Area Blaze seem to be placing in every event I'm watching them play and the thing that I'm seeing is that they're getting better every time I catch them in action

 Hannah Froeschl simply continues to amaze me and she's one of the top freshmen in the state you may not know about however before it's over, just keep reading my stuff because you'll see it too. The loss of  her Clear Cree HS teammate Alex Simmons due to a knee injury had me wondering how the team would do afterwards however it seems they've come together quicker than I expected

Much of that has to do with continuing improvement of Madison Nicholas and Ariel Wolfe, both capable of running the team and scoring when needed and the thing about the Blaze is that they have plenty of weapons that can score. Also the addition of another Clear Creek player, Caitlyn Burroway has been huge because you can't teach heart and she's a skilled player that battles till no end in the paint

Samone Walker is a highlight waiting to happen, she has great athleticism and can finish all types of ways and like Nicholas and Wolfe, she can handle the ball and she makes plays. Hanna Zajac is yet another Clear Creek player, I did a story on their talented freshmen class earlier and mark my word, the more I see her the more I know they have some weapons and her ability to get to the rim and finish is mid blowing

Alexia Barrett came up huge again in this event, she handled the ball well in traffic, plays the passing lanes and created her own shot well. Her twin sister Valencia, I thought I was seeing double again, like Burroway is undersized but you'd know it because of the effort she puts out in the paint, those young ladies are tough. The Barrett sisters and Walker attend Dickinson so this group from the Clear Lake are knocking louder on the door each tournament