Wednesday, June 18, 2014

DFW Elite Power Puffs win Barbara Jordan #TJShowcase

I've had a chance to watch most of these young ladies a lot over the past two or three seasons and when I speak over and over about progression, many of these young ladies names simply just pop out at me. The Dilworth twins, Jhakya and Keziah,  were huge pickups for this already talented squad, and after seeing their improvement earlier in the season, they are going to play huge roles. Sarah Byrd is the lone 2019 on this talented group of 2018 but you'd know never know by her poise and confidence

Aysia McCullough just keeps getting better, her energy on both ends is unmatched plus she can get to rim effortlessly while I'm watching Dee-Dee Nelson making huge strides and I don't mean just on the attack. Nelson blew me away after jumping up and knocking the ball as it was stuck in the rim, effortlessly but the athleticism is strong throughout the team. Jaquia White and Jada Peacock are simply smooth and come at you from so many angles that before you know it, they've put up numbers plus the effort on defense by Kara Collins helped throughout the event

Brianna Mitchell is giving me highlights every time I see her play, well so does Kayla White who came off the bench to hit a big time three late. White simply jumps over opponents, she has unlimited range and still has a huge upside. Mitchell is a perfect example on where the game starts and she's my kind of one because when needed, she takes over and down the stretch, she converted free throws and sliced her way for the game winner and from this day forward, Big Shot Bri will be her tag