Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Cy Fair 2021 already on track #TJShowcase

My words of encouragement fell short with this group after a tough game against the Tarheels but trust me, this is going to be a group to be reckoned as several already showed me signs. Factor in R'Mani Taylor, Aleah Franklin, Taylor Howard and Kaylin Peters are from the 2022 class showed me right off the top that you have youngsters playing up, and this this group two years up, that just wouldn't quit

Taylor and Kendall Hunter handled the ball well under pressure plus showed the ability to attack and finish. Gabrielle Hamilton showed she she could light it up from long range while Sania Petties did a good job in the paint. Haleen Harris, Karlee Singletary and Peyton Overton all brought energy throughout the game and watching Peters simply out athleticize, hey that's a new word, opponents was something to see as she has excellent timing for her age and blocked several shots