Wednesday, June 25, 2014

DJ is who I say as in Johnson's ready for action

Look Dasia Johnson simply can go off at any time and I saw her do it in the March Fest when I stopped her had to get a picture, I saw her doing it in the Insiders Basketball Classic but she was to quick for me to get a pic as she took me off the dribble and after her explosion at the Tyrone Johnson Showcase, I told you all she hit five three's in a row

Okay the 2015 Under The Radar guard hit five shots in a row, two of them had her toe on the line according to the guys in stripes but I know what I saw and I ain't been wrong yet, at least today I'm also right about Johnson who can score in droves and evidently she's doing it at camps as she comes homes with offers.

Johnson will be at the Super 64 dropping bombs, taking players off the dribble for baskets and playing defense but check out the release, it's one of the quickest in the state.