Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dallas Hurricanes #TJShowcase South Congress Champs

What better way to close the morning session as I head to HBU for the final day of camp than to do a piece on the ladies in orange. The Hurricanes were definitely more than a tropical storm as the won their division and gave me some insight on some players I need to know about. Morgan Smith and Gina Riedell both handled the ball well and attacked and finished nicely while Sarah Lip and Zoe Williams did a whole lot of good in the paint

Jordan Deason also handled the ball well under pressure and knocked the mids down with ease.  Dana Cosgrove did just about everything, mid to long, check, attacked and finished, check and played the passing lanes to a tee. A very impressive showing also came from Ellen Margaret Andrews who like the picture above was #AutoAwesome. She too finished strong and played the passing lanes but she was just on throughout the championship game as she wouldn't be denied and her ability to block shots played a huge part in their win