Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Stover impressive at camps as she gets read for Flava

Jordan Stover impressed prior to her freshman season in HS and I recall seeing her in a HS tournament and asking DFW Elite director Corey Hegwood if he knew her name and he responded, "yes and you do too, you wrote about her" so I guess you could chalk that up to even when I'm wrong I'm right or it's good to have people to guide you sometimes but after seeing her that 2nd time, she was locked in regardless of the uniform or number

Evidently she was good enough to be locked in at both the Bucknell and Belmont camps where she not only stood out but made impressions with the right people and since the game starts at the one, the 2016 Under The Radar point guard has shown she can run a team, control the tempo and score when needed but Stover's thing has always been to set her teammates up and she's one of the best in the class at doing just that.

I'll catch Jordan with the DFW Elite Wonder Girls off the top at Big State Flava Jam but trust me, don't WONDER why you missed her, I'm telling you now