Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Cy Fair 2020 looks even better #TJShowcase

I enjoy watching this team and that says plenty since I've seen them only three separate times but let me say this, several stars are going to come out of this group, you can archive that statement for later. Cassidy Howard continues to add to her game, she's already dominating in the paint and facing the basket to score Howard and Abigail Fuerst are solid rebounders while the defensive heat coming from the back-court which includes #sizedontmatter guard Morghan Ngo let's me know you better be able to handle that pressure

Also bringing it are Ashlei Harrison and Sydney Rollins while Shadiya Thomas is developing quite a crossover and with that along with her athleticism and ability to get to the rim will be huge. Burton Riane is on the verge of exploding, she's long, plays the passing lane well and comes at you all sorts of ways from the wing. Amanda Turpin also attacks well, not to mention dropped a floater, well she dropped some deep ones too