Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Cy Fair Fort Bend capture Texas Tower crown #TJShowcase

Okay an impressive weekend for Cy Fair ending with one of the baby teams winning it all. Cy Fair Fort Bend has had a tremendous amount of success as the Fort Bend Stars throughout, well forever so it comes as no surprise to me that the trend is continuing because there is a ton of talent out that way, always has and always will be. Kyani Quarles, Ian Carter and Ashlyn Gibson simply controlled the paint the one time I had a chance to see them and even though I didn't see the championship game, I saw enough to understand how it would play out

Madison Lucas blew me away, check her out in the #AutoAwesome photo and with all the stars I have by her name she could have a flag. ULTRA athletic and she goes hard, plus can finish in traffic, that's with eiter hand. This young lady will be hard to handle, she can already knock the midrange down and certain things you just can't teach. Area Gibson also can hit the 15 footer while Tara Boyance understand that ever so important playing the passing lanes. The energy from Autumn Nicholas work in any season and even though her name is Autumn, trust me that SUMMER heat was felt