Tuesday, June 17, 2014

2019 Dallas Hurricanes Texas Tower runner up #TJShowcase

Like any strong storm, the Hurricanes kept bring the pressure and that pressure helped them all the way to the finals. Ashley Turner saw the floor well, handled the ball and showed she could the midrange while Natalie Lark simply found ways to score attacking the basket, hitting the mid and long range shots plus anticipating on defense. Lark, along Brooke Johnson, Kristin Valle and Kaitlin Ness all are from the 2020 class as they played up.

Johnson scored well in the paint, rebound and handled the ball well and with her size, all pluses while Valle is strong and can rebound and Ness got to the basket almost at will. Taylor Lowe handled the ball well under pressure but this team was solid and got the job done with help from everyone including Divya Inaganti who has a beautiful stroke and can handle the ball, Katelyn Hmicek read the floor well and Andrea Pastor, like Valle is strong and rebounded that way on both ends