Thursday, June 26, 2014

Brooke Jolivette chooses North Texas

It’s amazing how I've watched some of these players simply grow up right before my eyes and the first time I saw Brooke Jolivette was in a 9th grade tournament simply going off and although I could see that she looked young remember asking her what high school she would be attending and her response was, I’m only in the 6th grade and there you have it, the foundation was laid. Brooke has progressed so much and her game has expanded to where I don’t even think she realizes how good she is at times but when you can take players at will at times or step back and drop the long one, she’s hard to contain which had me tweeting “Don’t get shook by Brooke” because that hesitation does wonders

The Kingwood star is one of the pieces that helped turn that HS program back around, Kingwood was “one of the teams” consistently in the mix when I started paying attention to girls’ basketball and they have an outside chance at making a deep run this season however the run Jolivette has made over the club season simply had offers pouring in left and right and last week she committed to the University of North Texas. I asked Brooke what made her choose the Mean Green and she responded “The coaches and the players where really friendly and it just felt comfortable playing when I went to the camp.”  I’ll close with the knowledge of knowing this has certainly been a pleasure for me to watch her progression but there’s even more coming so here’s one coming for you “Don’t bet against Jolivette”