Tuesday, June 17, 2014

NT Tarheels cruise to LBJ title #TJShowcase

My first glimpse of the NT Tarheels was a blur as they simply used their size and athleticism to dominate the LBJ Division at the Tyrone Johnson Showcase. This is a team full of 2020 players with the exception of Tamia Flores and Destini Winger who are from the 2021 class but this is a talented young team with players I'll get a chance to watch and evaluate over the years

I'm even more impressed with Winger now knowing that she's younger, she's strong and physical and used her size well in the paint but this team showed a little something from each position. Kayla James and Blythe Williams both handled the ball well with both hands and could attack and finish while Rayna Ross simply takes defenders off the dribble anytime she wants and can finish with contact. Hannah Cousters rebounded strongly and actually had a highlight when she changed hands with the ball and scored

Emani Jenkins simply can let it go from anywhere on the court and with her age, range and size , she is going to be hard to control on offense and after she dropped, what, 3, 4 or 5 consecutive long ones, well you'll see. Madyson Jean -Louis also could could shoot it from downtown but the effort that Zay Pintle, along with Flores and the rest of the team showed me one thing, no matter what combination was placed on the court, they were ready and I'll get to catch this team again at Prime Time Nationals