Saturday, June 21, 2014

Houston Insiders peaking at right time #TJShowcase

 The Houston Insiders is a team I've been with since the turn of the century and even now with my busy schedule I have a chance to go and coach now and then. Season after season, all times go through some sort of attrition however this years squad started off slowly and hit some minor bumps, much of which due to losing six players  from last seasons team who all have gone on to play at the next level. Sure the game same will always start at the one and Eryka Sidney is simply one of the best 2016 points in the state. She, along with a couple of three point specialists, Brynae Thompson and Kiara McElroy, were among those at the foundation and everything steadily has fallen into place

McElroy has come up with more four point plays over her career than I've seen from anyone, ever, and like a Timex, she simply takes the lick and keeps on ticking. Thompson has more double digit three point made games than anyone I've personally witnessed over her career along with one of the quickest releases but both , along with Sidney, are and ones waiting to happen as they can score from outside or take it to the rim and when they're clicking, good things will happen including wins over teams they weren't expected to defeat, When you add the fact that Tasia Hayes, Carrie Bradford and Taylor Coleman continue to improve and have come up big throughout the season, this sort of shows why this team has some options including newcomers Tess Harper and Beth Hawkins, both capable of scoring double digits

New additions  have been huge throughout the season and Demetria I "Heard" that is filled with so much energy that it just trickles over to her teammates. She can man up baseline to baseline and is one of the fastest players with the ball and when she's on, another threat is in the mix. One of the biggest threats of all is Tiffany Valentine who is a double double waiting to happen and after minor injuries throughout the season, she's in the best basketball shape I've seen her in and as you watch the #AutoAwesome photo above, you get it. I'll close with what it tweeted Sunday. It might be Father's Day but it's been Tiffany "Valentine " weekend