Saturday, June 21, 2014

Team Xpress Blue #TJShowcase

Madison Covington-Hattix simply keeps getting better and what I really like about her is how she gets it done almost silently and then your amazed when you see the numbers. She, along with Arysia Porter, Kennedy Goodsey and Breyah Richardson just make plays and over the weekend, made big plays at crucial times. Brittany Leonard can shoot the midrange, sees the floor and showed amazing body control while Taylor Green simply dropped some deep ones from another hemisphere or dimension, I can't tell, but they were far

Tichina Coleman size alone is impressive but her strength and what she did in the paint was even more impressive and speaking of impressive, as well as Bailey Hill shot the ball at Tyrone Johnson, she simply put on one of the best shooting exhibitions I've seen all year at the HBU Camp. Alexandria Busby finished strong, loved the change of pace on the dribble which is a huge weapon to have and Nikki Hillary Cardono''s arsenal is loaded as she can attack, finish, she's fast and athletic but she does what I love seeing and that's come up with huge steals by knowing how to play the passing lane and with her speed, she's gone and so am I as we close #TJShowcase and get ready for a Prime Time Weekend