Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Katy Rebels tune up for big month #TAMUCamp

This team impresses me me for a number of reasons, first off all, they get after it from baseline to baseline and they simply won't quit. Over the years, I've watched these young ladies simply grow up right before my eyes and they're a team to catch for a number of reasons

6'2 Brittany Panetti is on my Under The radar list however mailbox should be full after July because she joins a talented group of Texas players over six feet from the 2016 class that can simply do a number of things and watching her dropping the three now.......

Kendall Rollins can put up numbers quickly, she's active and simply all over the place and the addition of Kelly Lynch gives them yet another player capable of scoring double digits. Allison Goss has been nothing short of spectacular since coming back from a knee injury and she and her sister Sarah have been members of the "size don't matter" club for quite some time. Brittany and Allison also made the North South game