Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Ichiban runner-up #TJShowcase Barbara Jordan Division

It was only fitting that two of the organizations with a Who's Who list of alumni over the years would be battling for the championship with players getting ready to enter high school, in Austin at that,  Region's 1 and 2, you have been alerted. I caught a glimpse of Kansas Watts at Ichiban's Memorial Weekend Showdown and even tweeted how impressed I was, well I tweeted her mom's name but I was on track. Watt's body, strength and skill set will get her to the next level but she's climbing the charts on how high simply because she won't be denied

Summer Grubbs and Sydney Conerly both handled the ball, saw the floor and attacked well while Taylor Howe showed HOW to get it done as she created her shot well and was an and one waiting to happen. Danielle Batenhorst simply was a beast on the boards, she actually appears to enjoy getting after it in the paint while Trishann Nguen played huge on both ends coming up with big plays. Kyndal Nichols filled several voids when she was on the floor and this squad continues to get better. This was a special moment as the two teams joined after the championship for prayer