Friday, June 20, 2014

SFS brings out the best #TJShowcase

I had heard about Shooting For Success a few weeks ago and the high energy players they have including a dynamic guard who is simply someone I needed to see and let me say this, they came, I saw, we conquered and I look at basketball unlike most people and wins and losses don't impress me, all I care about is finding players that can play in college, that's it. SFS had a little of this and little of that, I mean Samantha Washington was strong in the paint and Jazmin Howard, Anastasia Carter and JuJu George definitely applied heat on defense

Victoria Shelton did a good job of playing the passing lane and attacking the basket while also handling the ball well under pressure. Here's the deal, Mailee Jones has D1 written all over her, if you haven't heard of her, you will. She's powerful on both ends and can just elevate over opponents to get her shot off, which by the way has great form and is extremely accurate with someone on her. She can man up and handle it coast to coast and finish after rebounding on  the other end but guess what, I'll be bringing you tad more on her later