Thursday, June 5, 2014

Atascocita's younger group show promise #PrimeTime

Several bright spots on this young group of 2017 and 2018 player who are playing or will be at Atascocita HS. "The Taz" has been quite successful over the past decade turning out some of the areas top players that went on to play at the next level including Curtyce Knox and Rachel Mitchell, now at Texas  A&M, Crishauna Parker and Miss Highlight herself right here at HBU, Rachel Arthur

Didn't catch a lot of this group however they had a chance to see what it's like playing varsity players as they competed in the top division.  Jada Johnson and Diamond Johnson are both around the magic number and their size will definitely be an asset. Diamond simply knew how to get to the rim and score, she's physical and shot the midrange a couple of times while Jada is also physical on the defensive side, wait a minute, they have got to be twins, Sister Act continues from #PrimeTime

Ja'Kayla Nickerson was athletic on both ends while Shardee Jones handled the ball well under pressure. The upside from Alex Hopkins is the because she's one of the 2018 players I had a chance to see on the floor a lot and she more than held her own against the big girls. Hopkins older sister Hannah is one of the states top 4/5 players and I guess we'll close with Sister Act 2