Thursday, June 5, 2014

New Caney showing Flight #PrimeTime

New Caney's HS put together a team with a mixture of talented players including Tammie Robinson who not only handles the ball well but can shoot the midrange and Delaria Jones also showed she could knocjk the 10-15 footers down. Need something a little longer, Stevie Sallas and Amy Trummell were a couple you better guard off the top, as well as Anna Ashlin and when you have multiple long ball threats.......

Yaz Johnson filled in many blanks while 2018 Skylar Patton is a name I've mentioned before on this very blog and a name you'll be hearing quite about over her career and I'm expecting she'll pay dividends off the top. Brittney Wade is paying them right now, she's smooth and slides toward the goal almost effortlessly and knows how to get to the line, rebound and defend. Gold Turner was platinum in the paint as she used her strength to battle