Friday, May 2, 2014

Top 2018's go off at #BOO

I get irritated sometimes when people ask me if I know who such and such is, especially when they tell me "I read your stuff all the time" "you're doing a great job" and any other thing that people say just to be nice, well don't worry about being nice, I'm here to put out information on players that I feel can play at the next level at various levels, so my sarcastic remarks usually throw a comeback like evidently you don't or you didn't use the search bar on either blog or website, well providing I spelled their names right

One thing I'm sure about is I've been spelling Charli Collier and Zarielle Green's correctly since they were in the 6th grade I guess but even more importantly, I had their games right. Collier was simply dominant for Cy Fair Walker while Green simply went off for DFW T-Jack, finishing as one of the top scorers in the whole event, both from reliable sources, which is what I am, a reliable source. I sent out a cheat sheet to every college in the country with a WBB program, got several email kickbacks so if you didn't get it, somethings wrong on one or both of our ends

Providing I know everywhere the Top 25 player in each class will be playing in July, from 2015-2018 and these are my Top 25's from 2015-18, I'm sending out again. If you had a chance to get the sheet, I know the ones listed were impressive but there are many others you kn ow need to know about

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