Thursday, May 29, 2014

How bout them Hoyas #MemorialWeekendShowdown

I try and catch the South Texas Hoyas as much as possible because I know they have several talented players, I know they will always get after it and I know they will never give up and some of their games truly reminds me of playing chess, well watching people play chess because if they're in it down the, odds are they'll prevail. Some of the babies got a chance to play up this past weekend and although Miss Three Point Record Katlyn Ghavidel wasn't available, Jessica Paz Y Puente, Sara Gwin and Ta'Niya Jackson all did well with Hoyas Black while a couple of other bright young stars, Deja Kelly and Sophia Ramos made my MS playing up Tip Sheet, read more

Last time it Brittany Rodgers doing highlights that pput her on the tip sheet, well she added more highlights this weekend as she comntinues to defy thee law of gravity, but Emily Sandoval just blew me away so much I had to tweet about her. This is a solid team, well program, but I can't stress how much I enjoy watching them go after it. Anyssa Curtiss was lighting it up from deeeeep while Megan Valdez was, well just wait for her on the Tip Sheet

Hawthorne may have been cancelled on TNT but Bijan Webb-Hawthorne was doing some cancelling in the paint, scoring, rebounding and playing human eraser blocking shots. Good size from Victoria Hall allows her to do multiple things including scoring from mid-range against almost anyone and since Kelly and Ramos continue to blow me away, why not. Kelly and Sara Andrews are two of the best 6th graders I've seen in my life and I'm talking GBB life which dates back to the Nineties when my baby was in that category. Kelly is simply legit, no question, no discussion case is closed. Ramos improvement keeps her rising and if she grows a couple of  more inches, there's no telling what level of D1 she'll be playing. Got to close the pictures with "Miss Highlight"