Monday, May 26, 2014

#MemorialWeekendShowdown was well #AutoAwesome

I think Ichiban and Tournament Scoop may have outdone themselves after seeing yet even more talented players from across the country. First look at RL-9 and 3T this season was a treat even though I know who the players are on both teams, that's Bernie Peters weaving through defenders, something I wrote about back she was in MS, but it's good to see progression which is why I encourage you to be where I am as many times as you can, otherwise roll that dice

That team from New Mexico simply blew me away but so did others, that's coming and how about  those Wells cousins going head to head. Kayla simply put a BCS move down while Essence was instrumental in helping the Lady Big Dogs win the Varsity Division

What about  Cy Fair Jolivette regrouping and coming in second behind a very talented Dallas Stars team that includes one off the most underrated players in Texas, Chelsea Warren and n case I haven't mentioned it, she's simply a beast

So much to do, so little time before my next event, Prime Time Qualifier, this coming weekend which will be right here in the Houston area, New Caney

Always remember is where I need the info and it doesn't hurt to bring a hard copy just in case the WiFi and "Now Network" isn't doing what I need it to do