Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Youngstas accept challenge at #MemorialWeekendShowdown

Sophia Ramos (Hoyas)

I enjoy doing this so much for a number of reasons and I'm glad I took the initiative to get the ball rolling a few years ago because in case you're not aware, no one was promoting Texas players on a national level like I did. I love watching the kids go at, I enjoy exciting basketball but smart basketball is something that truly keeps me going and when I see young ladies who are already there and keep bringing it, that too brings a smile to my face but not as much as watching players who strive to get there by simply working to achieve their goals. I picked MS players playing in the top two divisions to help take the guesswork out. Not only did they excel, they showed the best is yet to come


Sophia Ramos (South Texas Hoyas) Ramos is one of those players that just keeps climbing and striving to be the best she can be. On day one, she came in and immediately made an impact on both ends and continues to show me she's someone that has the will to get it done

Monet Jones (Houstonians) She's already over six feet yet has guard skills and her agility and strength enable her to take smaller guards down low for easy baskets or just shoot over them. Good handles and range will have her on several "most wanted" lists

Tirae Hambrick (Swoosh)

Amaya Brown (SW Elite) I love watching players that I think are older than they actually are. Brown had one of the quickest first steps in the event and is simply electrifying in the open court. She's gong to definitely be a threat period because her range is unlimited

Mikayla McGuire (Lady Big Dogs) Her work ethic alone will get her in a D1 college because she's ruthless in the paint and I'm talking against bigger, stronger and older players. Truly a throwback player from te "good ole day" and her offensive weapons are becoming deadly

Tierae Hambrick ( Arlington Swoosh) Hambrick wasn't fazed by the age difference as she attacked almost at will and finished with contact. Nice quick release enabled her to get her shot off which went in more times that not

Sarah Andrews

Sarah Andrews (Lady Big Dogs) Andrews blew me away last season and I see she's grown a little and gotten stronger. She has good elevation on her shot and is deceptively quick and once she gets defenders leaning forget about it or just watch her drain it from anywhere

Deja Kelly (South Texas Hoyas) Kelly simply has it, she dropped 17 in the semifinals against a team loaded with D1 locks, need I say more? Well she can score off the dribble with either hand and sometimes plays multiple positions, all effective

Let me also say this, Andrews and Kelly are two of the top 2020's I've seen in the country and the same for Brown in the 2018 class which means there is no telling how high they wind up