Thursday, May 29, 2014

3T Platinum at #MemorialWeekendShowcase

Karrington Donald has been an exciting player since I saw her a couple of years ago. She showed me she was basketball savvy beyond her years even then and her aggressiveness on both ends simply blew me away. She attacks at will and can rebound on both ends plus she's deadly from outside. Speaking of deadly, Jasmine Lescard has range to spare, she let's them fly from almost anywhere plus she can attsck the rim for baskets

Jalyn Clay has legitimized herself as  D1 player, she's at the magic number and with athleticism to spare, she's a no brainer as far as playing at that level of the next level. She's a rebounding machine that won't quit not to mention can take defenders off the dribble and face the basket to score

Speaking of rebounding machines, Stella Somdah is that as well as she has no problems banging and the improvement she and her Dobie HS teammate Jade Giron have made since I last saw them, like Rl9 this was my first time seeing 3T this season, has shown that they continue to have upside. I didn't get a chance to see Gold but if their #33 , Kelsey Gil, played on Platinum then she did a good job attacking the basket and anticipating passes because remember, I love players that can play the passing lanes