Friday, May 16, 2014

Under The Radar players sealing deals

Okay I've given you the statistics, 3.6% HS to NCAA read more

I've explained that getting a letter means just that, you received a letter and for years I received telling me how I great I played at an event

The MAJORITY of the players that wind up playing at the next level have less that two OFFERS

I said all that to say this, players I have on my UNDER THE RADAR listing can play somewhere at the next level and over the years, my job has been to give them the ultimate amount of exposure and every player has received more offers than they had coming in

I will never mislead a parent on their daughter's skill level or if I can actually help, go back to line one, but you also have to realize that talent is everywhere and I make sure if a player can play, the right people know about

Another UTR player signed her papers today and another will do so next week and again I'm staying above 90% at helping players achieve their dreams.

Is my service free, absolutely not,  but it's cheaper than paying for a college tuition