Wednesday, May 28, 2014

SW Elite worth price of admission at #MemorialWeekendShowdown

Janesa Negron Amaya Brown and Kavionna Brown
Okay I tweeted about Alexis Reyes after watching her launch missiles from somewhere near Albuquerque and the more I watched this talented team play, it's like I was watching Pleasantville or something similar. This is the type of team I love watching in the morning, basically because I'm usually coming in not 100% early in the morning but exciting and entertaining is what the young ladies from New Mexico added with their talent and I was beaming all day Sunday

2018 Amaya Brown already has Pac 10 offers, trust me, she'll have colleges knocking each other over after this summer, this kid is legit and what makes her even more legit is I thought she was a BCS lock as a sophomore just by watching her in action. Kavianna Brown is the perfect back-court match as they brought heat on defense as well, Kavianna only a freshman but she makes things happen and her ability to finish in acrobatic fashion, picture the Matrix as a basketball movie, plus both Browns let it fly from Downtown like, wouldn't you know,  Freddie Brown, if you don't know, GOOGLE IT!

Ashdyn Monahan Alexis Reyes and Amaya Brown

Talk about launching missiles from 25 feet in distance and height, these young ladies joined Reyes with the skyscrapers and when they are falling, my oh my. Reyes also showed a nice midrange game plus could score off the dribble, with either hand. Ashdyn Monahan also could shoot the three, maybe not as high but accurate plus she simply keeps coming at you on the boards

Kristen Dearth and Leigh James
Someone else that looked good taking defenders from the wing was Reagun Barnard who also showed she could finish with contact but the talent just kept coming. Leigh James was the glue, she did whatever it took and her value might not show up in the box score but the pass to pass leading to the assist or the pick or maybe even the steal the ignite the run, well she did that. Kristen Dearth is 6'2, she relishes contact and she finishes strong. She can face the basket and score, hello she's 6'2 , and she has excellent timing which enabled her to get plenty of blocks and deflections.