Monday, May 12, 2014

HGEE 2019 has a little bit of everything #PrimeTime

Another talented group of 7th graders I've had a chance to watch this season is HGEE 2019 and my first look came over the weekend. Bailey Lewis is an imposing player at 6'2, she's strong,  rebounds, runs the floor well and finishes, she's going to be on several short lists before it's over. Gabbi McBride also showed me a lot of potential and she's a couple of inches shy of the magic number but she has the same qualities that Lewis has plus she anticipates well

Alexis Matthews knew how to finish with contact and convert from free throw line, not to mention showed some mid-range in her game.Mia Deck handled the ball under pressure, defended and showed she had range, one play in particular is embedded in my mind as she gave a great head fake and dropped a three. Abby Walters also got the rim and finished strong, not to mention showed she could drop the long ones, something each team from HGEE had over the weekend as they were simply dropping them with ease

Payton Oltrogge lived up to what I had been hearing about the long ball, she dropped 11 in a game a couple of weeks ago but she showed me me even more. Nice mid range game, can put it on the floor and she showed speed in the open court. You can never have enough scorers and Aimee Campbell definitely did that, from mid and long range, she showed she could put the ball in the basket