Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Islanders create havoc at #IBC

The San Antonio Islanders were one of the teams I looked forward to seeing last season, after all when you have the number of guards that can not only drop the long ball but simply make plays and take care of the ball, that will put you in a position to compete with some heavyweights and they have had their share of TKO's along the way, especially this season. Annabelle Tovar is a gifted guard that can, well check the #Auto Awesome photo I posted yesterday, she's simply an offensive machine and believe me the college offers are coming, including a BCS.

There's plenty of buzz about Alexia Torres on the D1 circuit as well and as good as she is, she get's better each time I watch her and the picture above shows what type of range she has. Tara Molina is another guard from the Islanders with range but the thing about all of them once again is their basketball intelligence puts them among the head of the class and no matter how talented you are, if you can't comprehend certain things, that's a problem

Victoria Pena and  '18 Ashley Adaszczyk bothh shoot the three well also, Pena also anticipated and hit the midrange well but so did Briana Soliz who is only a freshman.Hannah Murray, Arriana Craver and April Matthews simply brought heat and energy on both ends and I'll look forward to my next Islander visit