Thursday, May 22, 2014

Under The Radar Tip Sheet from #IBC

Anytime I get to see the GPR UTR players in action, they already know I'm looking for progression and this weekend, the Insiders Basketball Classic gave me a chance to see just that


Katie Burke (MC Legends)-  Burke was solid, both on offense and defense as she helped lead her team to WNBA Black title. Burke's ability to control the tempo was key as she set up teammates for point blank shots and she added some offense of her own when needed


Brittany Panetti (Katy Rebels-Goss) At 6'2, she's going to school no matter what, that's a done deal and with her skill set, she was already a D1 player before being on the list. What she continues to do is move into mid to BCS category as she sometimes scored effortlessly

Rachel Tapps (Cy Fair Nike Elite-Walker) Tapps is one of the strongest and most athletic guards in her class, she can jump out of the gym and defend so well that I consider one of the top defensive guards in the state. She's attacking the basket better which add to her artillery

Alexia Torres (SA Islander) Torres is simply a gamer, she's smart and smooth and more importantly, has a stroke. I knew she could light defenders up from another zip code but what she continues to show is she gets defenders off balance for easy baskets, with flair many of those times


Marissa Banfield ( Golden Triangle Elite)- Banfield is a prototypical point guard that can score when needed and by that I mean she's a pass first point that understands defenses and always looks to get her team the best opportunity. She's smooth as silk, maybe smoother

Jade Leblanc-Ernest (Pearland Hawks) I've seen Jade a lot over the past season and she's improved a lot and with her IQ and work ethic, well just look at the video and we'll revisit what I think later


Mikayla Schenck (MC Legends) Schenck is turning into a double double waiting to happen and with her improved  ball handling and ability to see the floor, I envision writing she's a triple double waiting to happen. She's long and the light bulb has went off, she can create off the dribble and she wants "it"

Tia Tolbert (Sports Prep)- The respect I had for Tolbert's game reached new heights after this weekend as I saw this young lady perform in pain. That's not an easy task, trust me I won't write with a paper cut, but Tolbert went right, left or any other way as she cut to the basket for scores. More impressively she saw the floor extremely well as she made some huge assists