Saturday, May 31, 2014

One third of USA teams are from Texas

It seems like only yesterday I was getting blacklisted from message boards and being a little over the edge regarding some of my comments about Texas players not receiving the recognition they deserved however as I look back in  my files, it's been around a decade and all I can do is smile because it seems like most of my comments turned out to be prophetic

I expected big thing from Lauren Cox and Natalie Chou when I laid eyes on them at Prime Time Nationals back when they were in the 8th grade as well as Joyner Holmes when I spotted her taking off from the free throw line ala Mike/Doc as I anticipated her throwing one down along with Nancy Mulkey who amazed me with her skill set to go along with her size, they too were in the 8th grade and these four are among the twelve on the U17 Roster  read more

The U18 Roster also places four out of twelve including Brianna Turner who leaves here as the most decorated player ever along with Tiera McCowan who was 6'4 at 12 years old when I first spotted her not to mention Recee Caldwell who was 12 when I tabbed her as a "can't miss" and what can I say that I haven't said about Ariel Atkins who I've called one of the best players I've seen in my life  read more